Sunday, May 22, 2022


7 Things We Do Inside KMB Bus That Are Prohibited

Conditions of carriage are duly set by all means of transport. One of the more controversial list is that...
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People and Culture

28 Signs That You Are A Filipino in Hong Kong

Filipinos have certain characteristics that set their identity, whether they're back home, or overseas. Let's explore these common things that make one a Filipino...


Settling In

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Food and Wine

Expat Life

9 Signals You’ve Been Living in Hong Kong For Long While

There are things that are distinctly Hong Kong. The sound of the MTR announcement, pedestrian beep, and bus stop notices. And there's more. 1. You easily figure out the city's familiar sounds Octopus card's 'doot', Hong Kong Tramways' 'ding ding' or...
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