Saturday, June 15, 2024


How Uber Passengers Can Check Their Rating From Drivers

Uber has created a platform that allows both drivers and riders to rate each other. Unlike restaurants or hotels...
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People and Culture

Do I Need to Give Lai See This Chinese New Year?

Not sure whether you need to fill that red packet with crisp new bills? Here's a guide from Molala to help you. Cultural beliefs and...


Settling In

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Food and Wine

Expat Life

9 Signals You’ve Been Living in Hong Kong For Long While

There are things that are distinctly Hong Kong. The sound of the MTR announcement, pedestrian beep, and bus stop notices. And there's more. 1. You easily figure out the city's familiar sounds Octopus card's 'doot', Hong Kong Tramways' 'ding ding' or...
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