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5 Reasons Fastfood Customers Should Clean Up Their Tables After Use

Certain diners might argue the restaurant is too crowded where it's hard to move around or difficult to locate stations to place used trays and plates. But they are not enough reasons not to show respect to other people -- both cleaning crew and the next customer.

List of Jollibee Outlets in Hong Kong

Jollibee, the renowned Filipino fastfood chain has recently been on an expansion drive, bringing more branches across the entire territory. Get to know where you can order the famous chicken joy, pancit palabok or peach mango pie in Hong Kong.

What You Need to Know About Food Delivery in Hong Kong

Many of us cannot just think of living a fast-paced life without domestic help creating space for us by taking care of an array of responsibilities back at home. They make our life comfortable and easy by just unburdening many days to day tasks off our shoulder. Naturally, we depend on them a lot. But such comfort, ease of living and dependability comes with a price.

8 Dining Characteristics We Observe From Hong Kong People

Eating in Hong Kong can be a fascinating experience. The long lines, shared tables and certain rituals not usually found overseas, it’s a marvel that this dining culture has pervaded across a significant segment of the dine-out loving population. Here...

Jollibee Wins Taste Test Among Hong Kong’s Best Fast Food Fried Chicken

Hong Kong has plenty of restaurants. As of 2013, there are 24,032 businesses classified as food premises in Hong Kong. While only a very small percentage of that number are fast foods that serve fried chicken, it is still...

Should A Guy Shoulder Meal Bill For First Dinner With A Girl?

Apparently this question carries a different answer depending on who you ask and on certain conditions. There are many dynamics in play regarding who should pay the bill. Nominally it will be paid by who has consumed the meal, so...

Things You Need to Know About UberEATS Hong Kong

Recently we learned that Airbnb launched Trips, which allows locals can offer guided tours and other experiences to travellers expanding to reach out to a wider audience without leaving its core business model. The same is true for UberEATS, the...

Our 5 Favorite Indian Restaurants in Hong Kong

Immigrants from India have settled into Hong Kong for decades and the Indian diaspora has been firmly established in the city. Many of them are involved in hotel and real estate, clothing accessories and trading business. So it is not...

Why Hong Kong People Love to Take Food Photos

Food selfies and pictures are nothing new in the world but Hong Kong has thousands of people who can probably be called professional photographers specializing in food just based on the amount of food pictures they take. Those who take...

Understanding Tipping in Hong Kong

Many countries have tipping customs in their establishments and some countries don’t these vary with ever country that you go to. In Hong Kong, unlike the US, tipping for the servers is very straightforward; so straightforward that you can...
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Exploring Lan Kwai Fong: Central’s Dining and Entertainment Destination

Lan Kwai Fong is a busy and well-known nightlife zone in Hong Kong's Central District. After dusk, this bustling...
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