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Top 9 Tourist Complaints About Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a vibrant metropolis with a unique blend of East and West. It is a shopper’s paradise, a foodie’s delight, and a cultural melting pot. With its stunning skyline, world-class attractions, and friendly people, Hong Kong is a must-visit destination for any traveler.

However, the city can also be crowded, expensive, and polluted. Some tourists also complain about the lack of green space and the language barrier.


Many tourists in Hong Kong express dissatisfaction with the overcrowding of major tourist attractions. Temple Street Night Market and the Avenue of Stars can be extremely crowded, making it difficult to maneuver and fully experience the attractions.

Congestion on public transit, such as MTR trains and public buses, can also cause discomfort and lengthier journey times. Overcrowding can often make for a less enjoyable experience, leading travelers to seek out quieter alternatives to avoid the noise and bustle.

High prices

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A common complaint among tourists in Hong Kong is the high prices of various goods and services. For example, dining at popular restaurants or staying in well-located hotels can be quite expensive. Tourists may spend a significant portion of their budget on accommodation, meals, and shopping.

Even basic items such as bottled water and public transportation fares can be costly compared to other destinations. This issue can lead some travelers to feel that their overall experience is not as affordable or budget-friendly as hoped.

A street with neon signs in Hong Kong
A street with neon signs in Hong Kong

Air pollution

Air pollution is another frequent complaint among tourists visiting Hong Kong. Due to its dense urban environment, industrial activities, and proximity to mainland China, the city often experiences poor air quality. Hazy skies and smog can hinder the visibility of iconic landmarks like

Victoria Harbour and the skyline make it challenging to appreciate the city’s beauty fully. For individuals sensitive to air pollution, this can also lead to health concerns and discomfort during their stay. Tourists may seek indoor activities or visit during less polluted periods to mitigate the impact of air pollution on their trip.

Lack of cultural activities

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Tourists in Hong Kong frequently express dissatisfaction with the perceived scarcity of cultural activities and authentic experiences. While the city has many modern attractions and retail malls, some visitors believe the historical and cultural features are underrepresented.

For example, there may be a demand for more immersive experiences such as traditional tea ceremonies, local art exhibitions, or folk performances highlighting Hong Kong’s distinct past. Tourists frequently desire a greater grasp of the city’s culture and history and more opportunity to connect with local traditions and customs.

Language barriers

Language problems are a typical source of irritation for visitors to Hong Kong, particularly those who do not speak Cantonese or Mandarin. While English is widely spoken in tourist areas, it may be less so in more local or traditional districts.

As a result, travelers may struggle to find directions, order food, or communicate with non-English-speaking residents. This might result in misunderstandings and difficulties navigating the city, negatively hurting tourists’ entire experience and potentially making them feel estranged from the local culture.


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Tourists in Hong Kong may be concerned about the weather, especially at certain times of year. The city has a subtropical climate, which can get hot and humid in the summer, making outdoor activities uncomfortable for certain visitors.

The wet season, which lasts from May to September, delivers regular rain and typhoons, disrupting trip plans and limiting outdoor exploration. Tourists may need to plan their travels carefully, taking weather conditions into account, to have a more enjoyable and comfortable time in Hong Kong.

Limited space

During their visit, tourists frequently find Hong Kong’s limited space and high human density to be a significant issue. The city’s small size and congested streets can cause claustrophobia and make it difficult to locate tranquil places to rest.

Popular tourist destinations and shopping districts might be crowded, diminishing the overall enjoyment of touring and shopping. Furthermore, the city’s scarcity of open green spaces or natural landscapes may leave some visitors yearning for more opportunities to connect with nature throughout their stay.

Touts and scams

Touts and frauds are sad challenges that some visitors to Hong Kong face. Touts are those who aggressively sell tours, products, or services, usually near prominent tourist attractions. They may employ aggressive tactics to persuade people to buy or join anything, which can be unpleasant and unsettling.

Scams can range from overcharging for goods or services to the sale of counterfeit goods, unauthorized tours, and even credit card fraud. These unethical methods might leave tourists feeling duped and wary of local businesses during their stay, lowering their overall experience and trust in local businesses.

Lack of personal space

Tourists in Hong Kong frequently complain about a lack of personal space. Because of the city’s dense population and compact urban architecture, public spaces such as transportation, marketplaces, and popular attractions can get extremely crowded.

Tourists may find themselves continually near others, causing discomfort and limiting their capacity to move freely. This lack of personal space can be daunting, especially for those not used to being in such crowded places, and it can impact their overall sense of relaxation and enjoyment throughout their visit.

These are some of the common complaints that tourists say about Hong Kong, but it’s important to note that these should not be a deterrent to visit the place, as the city still has a lot to offer in terms of food, culture, nightlife and shopping.

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