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17 Types of MTR Passengers You Encounter Daily in Your Commute

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As one of the most efficient and widely used modes of transportation in many cities, Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway (MTR) system attracts a diverse range of passengers on a daily basis.

From the early morning rush to late-night commuters, the MTR serves as a microcosm of society, bringing together individuals from all walks of life. Let’s explore the fascinating array of MTR passengers one encounters regularly.

The business professional

Easily identifiable by their impeccable attire and air of purpose, business professionals are a common sight during peak hours. Armed with smartphones and laptops, they utilize every moment of their commute to stay connected and get ahead in their work. Clad in suits and armed with coffee, they embody efficiency and productivity, engrossed in emails, presentations, and conference calls.

The student

With backpacks slung over their shoulders and textbooks in hand, students constitute a significant portion of MTR passengers. Schoolchildren and university students use the MTR to travel to and from educational institutions. Some are immersed in textbooks, trying to squeeze in some last-minute studying, while others are engrossed in animated conversations with friends or catching up on social media trends.

The tourist

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Visitors to the city often find themselves navigating the MTR system to explore the sights and sounds of the city. These wide-eyed individuals can be spotted clutching maps, guidebooks, and cameras, excitedly discussing their next destination. Whether it’s the Victoria Peak or the bustling street markets, tourists add a vibrant touch to the daily commute, their curiosity, and enthusiasm infectious to those around them.

The typical commuter

Commuters form the backbone of the MTR system, relying on it daily to reach their workplaces. Clad in casual attire, they carry a sense of routine and familiarity with the system. Engaged in a variety of activities, such as reading books, listening to music, or even catching up on sleep, commuters have mastered the art of utilizing their travel time for personal relaxation.

The family

MTR journeys often witness the presence of families, bustling with parents and children of various ages. Pushing strollers or handholding little ones, families travel together, engaged in animated conversations or keeping their young ones entertained with games and toys. The MTR allows families to explore the city together or commute from one destination to another.

The elderly

Representing wisdom and experience, the elderly passengers form an integral part of the MTR community. Many rely on the MTR for daily activities, such as visiting friends, running errands, or attending medical appointments. These individuals, often dressed elegantly and carrying walking aids, radiate a sense of calm and grace, becoming a silent reminder of the generations that have traversed the city before. Make sure they have the priority seats provided at strategic locations of carriages.

The artist

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Occasionally, you might come across an artist on the MTR, lost in their creative world. They can be seen sketching, painting, or even writing poetry. With a notebook or an easel in hand, they find inspiration in the urban landscape or the diverse people around them. Their presence adds a touch of artistic flair to the commuting experience.

The music lover

Music lovers make their presence known through their headphones or earbuds. Lost in their own melodic universe, they sway their heads or tap their feet to the rhythm, oblivious to the surrounding chaos. They carry their favorite tunes, using the MTR as a private concert hall, creating a unique auditory atmosphere.

The fitness enthusiast

For some, the daily commute is not just a means to get from point A to point B; it’s an opportunity for a quick workout. You might spot fitness enthusiasts donning workout attire, using the MTR as a makeshift gym. They might perform stretches, lunges, or even lift small weights, making the most of their travel time to stay active.

The chatty stranger

In a city known for its fast pace, the MTR sometimes brings unexpected moments of connection. The chatty stranger starts conversations with fellow passengers, sharing stories, and opinions, or even cracking jokes. A typical Hong Kong commuter may ignore or even smirk at someone randomly talking to them, but these chatty strangers can be relentless. They possess a natural gift for breaking the ice and forging temporary bonds, turning the daily commute into a social experience.

The bookworm

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The bookworm can often be spotted engrossed in a paperback or e-reader, fully immersed in a world of words. They eagerly flip through pages, their eyes captivated by stories, knowledge, or the latest bestseller. The MTR provides them with uninterrupted reading time, transforming their journey into a literary adventure. Their activity won’t be interrupted even when leaving the trains, taking the escalators, and exiting the station.

The tech guru

The MTR is a hub of technological activity, and the tech gurus are at the forefront of it all. Clad in geek-chic attire and equipped with the latest gadgets, they constantly tinkered with smartphones, tablets, or laptops. They might be coding, troubleshooting, or simply exploring the digital world, their eyes fixed on screens, keeping up with the ever-evolving tech landscape.

The fashionista

With impeccable style and an eye for trends, the fashionistas elevate the MTR’s aesthetic appeal. They combine colors, textures, and accessories effortlessly, turning heads with their sartorial choices. Every journey becomes a mini-fashion show as they confidently strut through the train, making a statement with their unique sense of style.

The daydreamer

Lost in their own thoughts and fantasies, the daydreamers provide a glimpse into the world of imagination. They gaze out of windows, their minds wandering through realms unknown as you see them stare blankly at the floor. They might be silently planning their next adventure, reliving cherished memories, or simply indulging in a mental escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The language enthusiast

In a multicultural city, language enthusiasts bring the gift of linguistic diversity to the MTR. They can be seen studying flashcards, listening to language podcasts, or even engaging in language exchanges with fellow passengers. Their passion for learning new languages adds an international flair to the commute, and they often serve as helpful guides for visitors trying to navigate the city.

The green advocate

Environmental consciousness is on the rise, and the MTR attracts its fair share of eco-warriors. Carrying reusable bags, water bottles, and wearing sustainable fashion, they are committed to reducing their carbon footprint. They might engage in discussions about environmental issues or promote eco-friendly practices, reminding them of the importance of sustainable living.

The napper

The MTR’s rhythmic motion and occasional lulls make it ideal for quick power naps. Nappers can be seen with their heads gently resting against the window or leaning against a seat, finding moments of respite amid the chaos. They seize the opportunity to catch up on much-needed sleep, recharging their energy for the day ahead.


Hong Kong’s MTR is a melting pot of personalities, each passenger contributing their own unique flavor to the daily commute. From tech gurus to fashionistas, daydreamers to language enthusiasts, the diverse array of individuals creates a tapestry of experiences and interests, just like the colors MTR stations are identified with.

As you navigate the MTR’s bustling platforms and carriages, please take a moment to appreciate the rich mosaic of humanity surrounding you, reminding us of the vibrant tapestry of life in the city.

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