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Top Things to Check Before Signing Your Hong Kong Apartment Rental Contract

It is a privilege for every tenant to be allowed to live in a house someone else owns, but owners too have to be responsible of the well-being, comfort and safety of their paying tenants.

45 Questions You Should Ask Before Renting a Hong Kong Property

These questions are not exhaustive enough and may not apply to certain dwellings, but should provide enough guidance for would-be tenants before they settle in. Looking for a new house can be a painstaking experience so having a ready list of questions could help arrive at reasonable decisions.

Where Expats Live in Hong Kong and What They Love About These Places

As skyrocketing property values have prompted some companies to scale down their housing offers to foreign nationals moving into Hong Kong, newcomers have cast their nets in wider range of districts in their hunt for a suitable accommodation. But for the sake of answering the question 'where do expats live in Hong Kong' here are our thoughts.

How to File Complaint Against Dripping Air Conditioning Units

Summers in Hong Kong can be a very unsettling experience. It’s hot and humid, and in urban areas, concrete jungle adds to that sweltering feeling outdoors. What’s more, if you’re a pedestrian walking around narrow alleys as you try to...
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Exploring Lan Kwai Fong: Central’s Dining and Entertainment Destination

Lan Kwai Fong is a busy and well-known nightlife zone in Hong Kong's Central District. After dusk, this bustling...
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