Monday, September 26, 2022


8 Dos and Don’ts During Typhoons in Hong Kong

Summer time in Hong Kong happens to be the visiting season of typhoons coming from the Pacific Ocean. Quite oddly, typhoon announcements are welcomed with anticipation of a day off from work or class, and disappointment once it's not...

Why Hong Kong People Should Stop Using Umbrella Covers During Rainy Days

On an average wet season from June to September, Hong Kong people may end up using as many as 14 million disposable plastic umbrella covers, according to Greeners Action. In addition, almost all of the 53 shopping malls it monitored have been handing out such plastic umbrella covers. Although most of them are thrown away in the landfills, others may end up choking marine life.

How to Dispose Old Electronic Goods More Responsibly

Imagine how quickly new versions of electronic gadgets are released regularly. From smartphones to wearable devices and wifi enabled printers and other new models supporting Internet of Things. Such trends encourage consumers to ditch the old and embrace the...
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44 Shopping Voucher and Incentives For Vaccinated Hong Kong Residents

Unlike the launch of a new iPhone model, going to a vaccination center might take more than just a...
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