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Type of Jobs Open to English-speaking Expats Coming to Hong Kong

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Having the opportunity to work in Hong Kong can be amazing, however finding the best Hong Kong jobs can be very challenging to do. This is especially true if you are an expat, as here you have to prove that the job you want to do can’t be performed by a local. If you want to start working in Hong Kong, you have to note the fact that lots of people speak English here, so it might be a little harder than expected to find a good job.

How can you get a visa for Hong Kong?
Since the city is a major tourist destination and a massive international business hub, it tries to bring in a relaxed visa regulation. The Hong Kong government has created a page where you can find all details about what type of visa you need if you come to visit or work here. If you want to work here, you will first need to secure a job offer. You will also need to show that your qualities and educational background qualify you for the demands of that particular job. That’s the main requirement, if a company does offer you some Hong Kong jobs you shouldn’t have a problem getting the visa you need.

Which are the most popular jobs in Hong Kong?
When you want to start working in Hong Kong, you most likely want to know what type of jobs are the best paid ones and it’s easy to understand why you would want to know that.

1. Finance and banking. The most popular expat jobs in Hong Kong are in the finance and banking sector. It’s important to note that many of the companies here are subsidiaries. However, you can get a salary in this sector if you are very well prepared and if you have some experience in the Asian finance sector. As for jobs, a business analyst here gets around HK$354,594 per year, whereas an accountant can earn around HK$287,535.

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2. Education. Teaching is also very popular job for expats and many persons actually consider it thanks to the lack of some very demanding requirements. However, the teaching requirements are quite high if you want to get a job in this sector. Usually, a teacher can earn around HK$280,000 to HK$350,000 per year.


3. Media. Publishing and media Hong Kong jobs can be great for expats as well, although you are required to have a background in Journalism at the very least. An editor gets around HK$280,000, while a news reporter has a slightly lower paycheck.

4. Catering. Another popular job for people that want to start working in Hong Kong is definitely in the bar and restaurant world. However, the regulations are stricter nowadays and if you don’t have a Hong Kong ID card it will be hard to find a good job here unless you are a trained cook or chef focusing on a certain specialty, as these are jobs in very high demand.

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5. Hospitality. Also, you can get some good Hong Kong jobs in the Hospitality industry, especially if you want to become a concierge. There are many manager jobs in the hospitality industry here as well, it all comes down to your previous experience. Salaries here can be anywhere from HK$100,000 to HK$300,000 or more.

While working in Hong Kong can be an amazing opportunity, finding the right jobs here can be quite challenging. That’s why it can be very important to scour the web, find the right offers and apply to them. If companies are interested in you, then it will be a lot easier to acquire the necessary visa and starting your new career will be much more manageable.

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