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10 Weird Things Expats May Think About Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a big city. With the vastness come the weird practices that are exclusive to Hong Kong and Hong Kong alone. Here are 10 weird things about Hong Kong that will freak the foreigners and the tourists out.

1. The love for chicken feet: The Hong Kong dwellers have an insatiable palate for the weird looking chicken feet. Who even goes to a restaurant thinking today I’m gonna eat some feet!

2. Dinner with foreigner: The ladies of Hong Kong don’t mind spending 4800 HKD (615 USD) as long as they get to meet a foreign man. Dating a white man is quite a privilege for these Asian girls. There are special events organized with purpose of making the women of Hong Kong meet foreigner guys, whose entry by the way is free. The event has more than 4,000 seats available for women all of which are booked as the event nears. A visit to the website yields no trace of such interracial relationship attempts so we kind of know what happened.

3. Fake Hong Kong Skyline: The pollution levels in Hong Kong used to be so high that when you look at the Hong Kong skyline all you see tall buildings enveloped in a layer of smog. A picture stand with a “clear” skyline of Hong Kong has been put right where you’re supposed to see the actual skyline from so you could take the pictures. Ironic much?

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4. The ridiculous license plates: From “Pikachu” to “Playboy” the license plates of gorgeous cars like Ferrari will have all sorts of labels but the license number.

5. The weird English names: The Mark O to Orange to Apple to Never Wong? What’s wrong? The Atlantic posted this in 2012:

Last July, police arrested a woman named Ice Wong with 460 grams of ice — the drug, not frozen water. Months earlier, the law caught up with Devil Law when he was brought before a judge for drug possession and crashing his car into a bus. In 2010, a woman called Cash Leung was jailed for paying cabbies with fake cash.

6. Spoken Chinese written in English: Locals on Hong Kong Island tend to be more westernized. When two Hongkongers meet, they speak in Cantonese. Then they write emails and text messages in English. And some people even type Chinese in English or a mix of Chinese and English (sing k? ng ho la. next time sin la). Ah, the cultural complexities.

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7. The presence of security guards is widespread everywhere: Every building in Hong Kong has security guards and most of them are in their 50’s. If you are a student in Hong Kong then you are not allowed to bring a guest to your dorm after 11pm.

8. No eating or drinking at the MTR: Eating or drinking in the subway is strictly prohibited. If you think that a simple small bite of chocolate won’t hurt anyone then go ahead have it and see all the eyes resting on you. And if it’s your unlucky day, you might even be fined! In fairness, Hong Kong’s subway carriages looks way cleaner than what you’ll see elsewhere.

9. Umbrella is used for the SUN!: Every girl, during the summer has an umbrella in her bag not for the rain but for the sun. They prefer getting wet to getting tanned.

10. Old ladies pushing trolleys: As you walk past the streets of Hong Kong you will see old ladies collecting recyclables in the trash can and pushing carts along a busy road. Depending on which angle you’ll be coming from, but such sight – no matter how weird it may be — indicates Hong Kong is a city where hard work gets you rewarded.

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