Monday, September 26, 2022

How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off When Getting Tailored Suits

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It takes a tiff with several tailors before you end up with the right one. A trip to a tailor in Hong Kong can be tiring not because the shop is far from your place but because you lose a lot of energy over dealing with the tailor.

Though the quality of their work matches those of London and Paris and you get them at a reasonably low price as well but the problem lies in how most of the tailors in Hong Kong are cowboys. The only way to deal with the “cowboy” tailors is to develop the right attitude.

Here are a few tips on how you can avoid getting ripped off by a tailor while you’re trying to get good deals and great craftmanship among tailors in Hong Kong.

Ignore the street salesman

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The tailor sold by salesmen standing in Nathan Road, Mody Road, or just any of the surrounding roads must be struck off your list. Do you know how a man is known by the company he keeps? Similarly, not all the tailors here are dishonest but most of them are and you’ll be doing yourself a favor by avoiding all of them.

Get details on the headline price

In a city that takes pride in high-quality suits at prices discounted from their counterparts in the West,  advertisements are made with the purpose of alluring you with the bait which in this case is the headline price. If you don’t get detailed information on the price you can risk being misled. Before you make a deal make sure that the prices have been solidly agreed upon. Hong Kong markets are very aggressive in their sales techniques and in order to cope up you need to devise robust defense.

Always get your fitting double checked

Insist on getting multiple fittings from the tailor. This will ensure that you do not get an ill-fitted suit that you cannot even wear after paying your hard-earned money to a tailor too proud of his skills. If a tailor says that one fitting is enough then depending upon how much he is charging you, you may want to look for another option.

Conduct your own research

You can never go wrong in getting the facts yourself rather than going on recommendations because everyone has a personal choice. Also, you cannot expect a tailor to give you advice because all they are focused on is making money. Look online for recommended tailors from reputable websites, and ask friends for recommendations. Have a vague idea of the kind of fabric you want and your price range before you enter the shop.

Don’t get your suit shipped

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Do not trust a tailor you just met with shipping your suit.  While you’ll receive a perfectly wearable product, the material, color, and style may not be what you expected. Agree to ship your suit only if you are dealing with a tailor you really trust and who visits your home country can you ask him to deliver the suit. Or even better, pack it and ship it yourself.

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