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How to Opt Out of Unwanted Mail in Hong Kong

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Receiving unsolicited mails from some random kiddie tutorial, fastfood or property agents in Hong Kong?

Don’t fret if you have been receiving unaddressed circular mails by the Hong Kong Post. Opting out of receiving them is pretty easy. All you need to do is place a designated “No Circular Mail” sticker on your letter box.


A “No Circular Mail” covers all unaddressed circular mails apart from the ones that are sent by government and related organizations, Legislative Councilors/District Councilors, election candidates, and election candidates and charitable bodies eligible for tax exempt under Section 88 of Inland Revenue Ordinance. It also excludes addressed advertising mails.

Where to get “No Circular Mail” sticker from?

A “No Circular Mail” sticker can be obtained without any charges from
• Post Offices
• Mobile Post Offices
• Public Enquiry Service Centers of District Offices
• Estate Management Offices of Public Housing Estates and Individual Private Properties

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How to use a “No Circular Mail” sticker?
• Once you have the sticker with you all you need to do is stick it at the top right hand area of the front of the letter box.
• If you want to resume receiving the mails then you can remove the sticker from your letter box.
• If someone else has stuck a “No Circular Mail” sticker on your letter box and you want to receive the circular mails you can remove it
• If your “No Circular Mail” sticker has gone missing from the letter box you can stick a new one in its place
• If you are moving to a new place be sure of removing the “No Circular Mail” sticker from the letter box.

Guidelines for using a “No Circular Mail” sticker
• Display: The sticker must be properly displayed at the top right hand area of the front of the letter box. Ensure that it is clearly visible. Any loss or misplacement of sticker is solely your responsibility
• Exemptions: A “No Circular Mail” sticker exempts the Hong Kong Post from delivering any unaddressed circular mail. It is not responsible for any unaddressed promotional item that is not sent through Hong Kong Post.
• Collective Agreement: Consensus must be reached on an opt-out from receiving circular mail by all the recipients (individual persons or organizations) of a mailing address. Hong Kong Post will not be liable for any disputes or claims arising from the affixing of a “No Circular Mail” sticker.
• Missing Letter Box: If your house doesn’t have a letter box then you can stick the “No Circular Mail” sticker at a conspicuous spot on your front door.

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