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Filipino Kindness in Hong Kong Goes Viral on Social Media

A Filipino’s kindness to offer money to a local Hong Kong Chinese did not go unnoticed and went viral on social media.

This comes as a welcome news in a ruthlessly competitive society where money is power.

According to EJ Insight, quoting Metro Hong Kong local daily, a Hong Kong woman, surnamed Lui, said she was touched by the kindness of a stranger she shared the ride on a minibus with.

Lui said while boarding the minibus on the evening of November 13, she realized that she forgot to bring her wallet with her.

Although the minibus driver agreed she could ride the bus on credit, she still needed money for other expenses. Lui then turned to a Filipino stranger who sat next to her and asked for a HK$20 (P121) loan, which she promised to pay later.

She was surprised when the man offered her HK$100 without second thoughts. Upon learning she was on her way to attend a dinner gathering with friends in Causeway Bay, the unidentified man raised his offer to HK$500. While the amount was more than she needed, Lui took it on the man’s insistence before taking down his phone number so she could return the money to him later.

Lui felt the generosity of the man even though he is not as rich as netizens assumed in reply to her post in social media. He earlier asked her about renting an apartment in Sai Kung.

Her story went viral on social media as netizens agreed that such act of kindness still remains in Hong Kong.

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