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Common Problems of Employers with Their Domestic Helpers

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Having a domestic helper is great help in balancing real life time between chores, your work and your family, basically because you don’t have to worry much about chores. However, like all things, everything will always have a challenge before you get the perfect mix in your employer-employee relationship.

While most problems don’t lead to certain dismissal, it would be advised to have open communication between you and your helper. Here are some common problems you might encounter and how to solve them.

You’re not satisfied with her work.
Question: How do you get your helper to do chores the way you want to?
Answer: Have THE talk. This is probably the most important talk next to her salary, rest days and accommodations. Discuss on what you want her to cook for you and the differences between the how you want it and how she does it and agree on a solution. Think of her perspective and let her see yours. This way, you will be able to build trust and respect which will be highly useful in the long run.

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Gadgets and devices
Question: How do you get your helper to quit using phones and other electronic devices during the day?
Answer: Look at the situation from her perspective and compare her situation with yours. Think about how often you communicate with your family to check up on them and relate that to your helper’s situation. She is probably homesick and misses her family too. Explain your worries to your helper and allow her to explain her side before coming to an agreement.

Proper Hygiene
Question: How do you say to your helper that she has body odour?
Answer: Talk to her in a friendly and non-insulting way. Be gentle in breaking the news to her and be open and respectful in talking. Your helper might have grown in a different way of living or in a place where hygiene products are scant or not readily available. Talk her into changing her habits in a way that will not make her uncomfortable or confronted.

Forgetting her duties and responsibilities
Question: Why does my helper always forget what to do every day?
Solution: Give clear instructions and ask your help to repeat it back to you as she understands it. Show how and where and what time to do the chores and establish a routine to follow. Even better, write down everyday tasks and place the list in a place that will be easy to see and read. If this doesn’t work, approach her and ask her the reason. Adjust and revise her schedule to make it easier for her and better in general.

Incomplete or improper work
Question: What do you do when your helper doesn’t do chores properly (incomplete, improper or not done at all)?
Solution: If you have caught your helper skip or mess chores on purpose, you might want to talk about it. Ask for the reason. Sometimes, it may just be miscommunication or just an unintentional slip or habit. However, if talking and reminding her does not work, try to find another helper which would satisfy your conditions. Doing so will be better for you and your employee as to not let your relationship suffer.

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