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Grocery Shopping in Hong Kong

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After leaving the comfort zones of home, expats are often anxious to see what their newly-adopted cities have in store for them.

While Hong Kong is well-known as a shopping haven, groceries, supermarkets, and wet markets are featured less in media.

Thankfully, there’s not a lot of promoting to do as expats will soon find out that there are plenty of these grocery outlets scattered across the city.

Supermarkets and Grocery Shops

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Just like bank ATMs and 7-Eleven shops ubiquitous in a typical Hong Kong corner, some shops take no time for you to associate effortlessly with Hong Kong.

ParknShop and Wellcome are two of the biggest supermarket chains in Hong Kong. Competitors offering similar grocery items include Jusco, Apita, CitySuper, Vanguard, ParknShop-operated International, Taste, Fusion, Gourmet, and Great supermarkets and Wellcome-run Marketplace by Jasons, Olivers The Deli, ThreeSixty specialty outlets.

Among these shops, Marketplace by Jasons, Fusion, and Olivers the Deli are among those that target the expat population, based on the origin of products they sell.

Wet Markets

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All over Hong Kong, there are government established wet markets selling fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat, as well as a selection of live fish and poultry are sold.

While some supermarkets sell live fish, wet markets are a better option to find a wider variety of choices. Therefore, to complement the weekly grocery at the nearby supermarket is a visit to the nearest wet market for fresh produce.

Shopping in Hong Kong

Hong Kong people usually buy grocery items every week, and weekends are understandably the busiest time to visit these shops.

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First-timers may find it confusing to find items with the shelf layout and product lines that are different from back home, and the fact that many store assistants have limited knowledge in English could make things worse. However, asking questions to fellow shoppers is a welcome alternative.

Since April 1, 2015, customers who ask for the plastic bags are charged HK$0.50 for each bag, so bringing your reusable bag or trolley is a cost-efficient and more environment-friendly way.

To those who are comfortable with online grocery shopping, there are several e-commerce websites to choose from.

ParknShop – The online equivalent to shopping at the well-known ParknShop supermarket outlets.

Wellcome – The online equivalent to shopping at the well-known Wellcome supermarket outlets.

CitySuper – Cheese, wine, fruits and vegetables

Marketplace by Jasons – Organic food, cooked meat, vegetables

Apita Uny – Household items and food with notable Japanese brands

Specialty Grocery Shops Online

Farmer’s Kitchen – Grass-fed beef and lamb shop

MM Fresh – Beef and seafood products

Eat Fresh – Organic fruit and vegetables from local Hong Kong farms

Pacific Gourmet – Chilled meat and seafood imported from Australia and Norway

Profood – A variety of items from cured meat and wine to cheese and pasta

South Stream Seafood – Imported seafood and organic products

Little Giant – Food for children with allergies, autism, asthma and other issues

Good Chow – USDA inspected beef sourced from the United States

Tenderloin – Meat and seafood delivery service.

Meatmarket – Pork, beef, lamb, seafood, and poultry products.

SpiceStore – Indian online grocery store.

Photo credit: Pixabay CC0 Public Domain

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