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Top Pet-friendly Housing Options in Hong Kong

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For those who love animals and have pets at their home, they become a huge part of their family. If you’re looking to buy or rent a new flat in Hong Kong and you own a cat or a dog then you have to be ready for a few extra clauses to deal with. Here are some common types of houses that you must consider as an option.

  • Chinese Walk Up Flats: These flats prophesize the retro rustic chic feel which can be a great place for a pet to live.
  • Village Houses: Hong Kong dwellers are a little inclined towards choosing village houses because they usually come with an outdoor garden space. They are cheap, easy to find and sometimes you may even be lucky enough to have a pet friendly landlord. The only catch is that village flats are usually situated in remote areas and have mosquito problems.
  • Urban/ Suburban Private Estates: The 24 hour security, grand lobby and plush clubhouses of these estates are great for not just your pet but also for you.
  • Standalone Luxury Villas: If you have a gigantic bank balance who even wants to suggest renting? The luxury villas are just waiting for you.

What to avoid?

  • MTR Corporation managed property
  • Housing located in shopping districts

Common Issues to Deal With

  • Getting approval from the one in charge is a big problem. Only if you’re lucky can you get the consent of the building management and the landlord at the same time.
  • Don’t consider keeping a pet in secrecy. If revealed then it could mean disputes, deposits and even eviction.

The only solution is looking for homes that are pet-tolerant. Go through the Deed of Mutual Covenant of the house to see for any mention about the disallowance of pets. If not then confirm about keeping a pet by asking the landlord.

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Negotiations with the Landlord for Pets

  • Let your landlord know that you are a responsible pet owner.
  • Have a reasonable amount of pets in order to be able to convince your landlord to keep them.
  • Offer an add-on deposit in the beginning of your stay for pet related damage.

Pet-friendly Residential Properties in Hong Kong

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