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5 Advantages of a Hong Kong Co-Working Space

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Getting out of the traditional work space and sharing desk with people who aren’t your office mates isn’t entirely a new trend. While traditional offices obviously afforded by bigger firms with fatter wallets and traction in the business, co-working spaces — the formal term that refers to independent workers and entrepreneurs sharing open work spaces — help minimize costs, a crucial factor in the survival of a startup.

But besides reducing work space costs by utilizing a shared economy format whose concept shares with Lyft, Airbnb and Taskrabbit, there are many other benefits of working in a co-working space.

1. It saves you on additional expenses.

Certain packages entitles you to some amenities often taken for granted in a traditional office. You may get free supply of cappuccino, free or discounted meeting room rates or free access to multifunction devices such as fax, printer or scanner.

2. It exposes you to potential opportunities.

Instead of being buried in a cubicle most of the day tending to your daily tasks and sharing the room with folks you call colleagues, at co-working space you may be sitting next to someone who needs your services or mentor you on managing your invoices. Depending on how open you are to new connections, these folks could refer you to more clients or at least expand your career and business network.

3. It helps maximize work time.

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In contrast to home-office where you need to look after the dog, do grocery errands or temptation to watch television or fall sleep, co-working spaces are built with an environment conducive to productivity. Less noise, ambient working conditions (light, temperature, etc) and being with fellow independent coders, artists, writers and business people who share the same vision of success.

4. It encourages innovation and share creativity.

Many co-working spaces encourage collaboration and socialization that brings opportunity to mingle with other leasing tenants. Unlike in offices where tasks are predefined and leave little room for creativity, co-working spaces enable independent thinking and partnership with others. It also helps create a sense of community instead of working in isolation that enhances the social aspect of your social life.

5. It provides high-grade office space at less price.

In addition to saving money for equipment and facilities, co-working is a cheaper way to occupy a high-class office space in a city like Hong Kong, which has that dubious title as among the most expensive office spaces in the world. These spaces typically have well-managed surrounding, complete with front-desk assistants, prominent business mailing addresses and majestic city views.

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