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Everyone’s Best Friend During Hong Kong’s Summer Season

It’s summer time once again and as it is during this time of the year, a hot and humid Hong Kong welcomes its visitors as locals take refuge on its ever-reliable, overzealously-operated cooling systems found in residential lobbies, commercial buildings and transport vehicles. But when mobile pedestrians move about their daily life, umbrellas are no longer enough — we’re talking about humidity and not just the carcinogenic impact of direct sunlight.

Enter the new darling of Hong Kong’s summer season: the mini electric fan. Contrary to the typical portable electric fan which you can carry from one place to another but impractical to carry with you anywhere, the mini electric fan is small enough to fit a handbag yet powerful enough to cool you down in an otherwise scorching day.

While this gadget has been appearing in the streets in the past, it’s now becoming more ubiquitous. In the past it was more of a children’s toy than a handy air utility. Now it’s used by people from all walks of life.

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Thanks to this adored gadget, moving around Hong Kong this summer becomes more bearable.

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