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How to Setup Apple Pay for iPhone

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Apple Pay is now active in Hong Kong, a place where cashless payments have been the norm for decades.

To set up Apple Pay, one must have the following requirements.

a. Supported credit cards

1. American Express (excluding bank-issued cards)
2. Bank of China, Hong Kong (MasterCard and Visa credit cards)
3. Bank of East Asia (MasterCard and Visa credit cards)
4. DBS (MasterCard and Visa credit cards)
5. Hang Seng Bank (MasterCard and Visa credit cards)
6. HKT Payment Limited (MasterCard prepaid cards)
7. HSBC, Hong Kong (MasterCard and Visa credit cards)
8. Standard Chartered Bank (MasterCard and Visa credit cards)

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b. Supported iPhone versions

1. iPhone SE
2. iPhone 6
3. iPhone 6 Plus
4. iPhone models released later

c. Latest iPhone software update.

Tap Settings > General > Software Update to check software version or download latest update.

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To add your card:

  1. Go to Wallet and tap Add Credit or Debit Card. Wallet is an app that allows you to virtually store movie tickets, redeemable coupons and flight boarding passes.


  2. Follow the steps to add a new card. If you’re asked to add the card that you use with iTunes, just enter its security code.
  3. Tap Next. Your bank will verify your information and decide if you can add your card to Apple Pay. If your bank needs more information to verify your card, they’ll ask you for it. When you have the information, go back to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay and tap your card.
  4. After your bank verifies your card, tap Next. Then start using Apple Pay.
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