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Spring Cleaning in Hong Kong: The Unwanted Molds

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After a brief gloomy winter season, the temperatures rise and the gentle spring  wind is out. 

Sounds great, right? Maybe to most of us especially those who need that shot of positivity to get the funk out of the cheerless weeks of chilly weather and grey skies. But to homemakers and cleaners, this also calls for a massive cleanup effort.

Hong Kong homes are generally in a bad position in that winter-to-spring transition. Unlike Western countries where winter homes come with centralized heaters, Hong Kong flats are normally not equipped with heaters. As a result, moisture and humidity cause these unwanted features at home. Cold surfaces, likely from glass window panes can create condensation and surrounding surfaces become prime spots for mold formation.

Naturally, we close doors and windows to keep cold air out, and maintain optimal comfort temperature indoors. But if your home is poorly ventilated it can also create pockets of stagnant moist air which mold thrives in.

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How to Prevent Molds 

  1. Dry washed clothes immediately. Clothes hung inside cause evaporation of clothing moisture into the air so dry washed clothes immediately. Or hang clothes to dry outdoors, on a sunny day.
  2. Reduce humidity. Molds can form with humidity levels at least 50%. Keeping it down helps reduce mold formation. Proper ventilation puts humidity in check. Use of dehumidifier or exhaust fans help reduce humidity.

How to Remove Molds

Dust and vacuum often, ideally with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtered vacuum cleaner to remove dust and other substances that mold can grow off of. It has been found that 80% of mold grows on dust.

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