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Skincare Tips for Hong Kong Summer’s Humid Season

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Hong Kong’s summer season is probably the most dreaded climate cycle of the year. High humidity coupled with high temperature create shirts that become sponge for sweat glands.

In addition to the season of thunderstorms and typhoons, hot and sweaty weather in Hong Kong offer sorts of inconvenience people of all walks of life. But this piece of inconvenience — which could bring sweaty face, oily face and other unmentionables — could prove more embarrassing to young women who may be more conscious about skincare. The usual measures could make things worse. For example, as we wipe the sweat off our faces, we are actually wiping away the layer that protect our sin. Also, Hong Kong’s extensive use of airconditioning often can make skin dull and dry over the summer season.

Saving ourselves the embarrassment, and more importantly, our delicate skin staying in a hot and humid Hong Kong summer takes a few careful steps.

1. Cleansing. While cleansing removes unwanted particles off our skin, washing our faces right as it receives heat from the sun can harm our skin. The proper procedure is to wash face with cold water to cool of the heat received, then cleanse the face. During summer, the pores of the face could be bombarded with sweat and oil so it’s a good idea to use a cleanser that has sebum and water balance. Makeup, sweat and blackheads can easily cause blemishes and acne during summer so a foam of choice should be that of a gentle facial cleanser.

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2. Exfoliating. The process of exfoliation is aimed at removing dead skin cells at the surface using peels, washcloth or facial scrubs. Due to hot weather in Hong Kong the tendency is to use exfoliating agent or scrubbing product that could bring more harm than good. That’s because exfoliation can increase sensitivity to the sun as it removes layers that provide protection from the sun. Usage also depends on what type of exfoliating agents (stop using Retin-A, Renova, Tazorac or any prescription retinoid product at least a week before hitting the beach as prescriptions can dry out the skin and damage the moisture barrier when combined with heat, salt water and chlorine; facial scrubs should be used just 1-2 times a week in the summer).

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3. Applying Facial Mask. One of the best approaches to cool down the skin after exposure to humidity and UV radiation is facial mask. This is best applied after washing face, applying toner and put on a mask cooled inside the fridge. Such method helps cool down face and calm the skin tormented by the hot summer sun.

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4. Applying Mist and Light Lotion. As you sweat during the hot summer season, dehydration sets in so you need to replenish lost fluids by drinking more water. In addition to the natural bodily urge to take in more water, facial mist can also cool down a hot and tired skin. Apply this after removing facial oil with oil blotting sheet to provide cooling effect to your face. Aloe ingredients in a facial mist benefits sensitive skin.

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