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Steps To Hiring a Foreign Domestic Helper in Hong Kong

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After deciding you do want to hire a domestic worker, the search is on for the perfect helper. But if you think that it’ll be all set and done after finding one, you’re wrong. Your new helper comes with a set of paperwork, all of which you have to read, review, fill up and sign.

Handling any kind of paperwork can be stressful and confusing. Here are some steps you might want to follow to help ease the paperwork processing.

  1. Evaluate the paperwork you need to do
    For first time employers and employees it is recommended you let an agency do this step so that you can be sure that you will not be missing any part of due process. If you or your future employee do have experience and prior knowledge on this stuff, you can opt to do it yourself.

2. Find a decent agency to process your papers
There will be lots of agencies vying to have your patronage but you have to choose one that charges fees fairly and is affordable for your budget.  Always settle with licensed agencies to avoid legal trouble and hiring a possible untrustworthy and incompetent helper.  The help they extend should also be considered, find one that sticks by you until the end process.

3. Get your contract binding
To do this, you have to provide your contract forms, duly accomplished and signed. Provide four copies. You then have to let the Philippines Consulate attest your contract. Make sure that at least 4 copies are attested. Make copies of the attested contract in case of emergencies, it is recommended you can your documents and save them in a device. If you are using an agency, make sure your agency is accredited by the Philippines Consulate.

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4. Get your employee’s visa done
Submit the visa application to the Hong Kong Immigration and declare that your helper will only be under your employment and will work and stay at the residence provided in the application. Although it is understood that helpers have been trained prior to arriving in Hong Kong, getting them acquainted with the local environment is essential.

Every domestic helper will need to finish training before they will be allowed to work in Hong Kong. In some circumstances, Hong Kong officials might require medical certificates, depending in the work status. In any case that it is not required it is still advised you let your future helper undergo medical tests.

5. Prepare for your employers coming
Foreign domestic helpers will have to travel to Hong Kong to work. Their air fare will be shouldered by the employer. Employers must also provide decent living quarters for their new helper including furniture, mattress and beddings. Orient her with how things work (public transport, use of Octopus card, commonly used Cantonese phrases, operating home accessories, etc).

6. Get and insurance package for you helper.
As an employer, you are responsible for the health and well-being of your domestic worker. Medical costs are expensive and you cannot be too sure of financial stability in times of accidents and emergencies. You have choice of different packages, some even allowing dental care and hospital allowances.

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7. Get to know your helper
Your preparation, paperwork and process might take months and in extreme cases more than a year but all the hard work has paid off and your helper will then be coming to your residence. Establish trust and respect in your employee-employer relationship and enjoy more time with your family.

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