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Skin Care Tips for Hong Kong Winter Season

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Hong Kong may have brief, mild winters but it does not mean our physical make up does not react to it. Lips get chapped, hot showers can result to dry hair or itchy hands. And generally dry weather conditions leave our skin parched and lack moisture.

So as the season changes from warm to chilly in Hong Kong, we also need to bring out necessary kit to take care of our skin.

1. Chapped and cracked lips
During winter, chapped lips is caused by lack of moisture lips receive as weather becomes dry, as well as harsh wind. As it gets peeled, lips become unapealling and irritating. It can get exacerbated by frequent licking. A serious condition indicates chapped lips us caused by dehydration that must be attended to by a health professional.

Other than dehydration, chapped lips can easily get remedied by the good old Vaseline petroleum jelly or lip balm. Ideally, a lip balm ingredients should include natural oils from plants, natural waxes such as beeswax, and shea butter. You can also use a toothbrush to remove excess skin off your lips.

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2. Dry skin
Although the skin is usually covered with thick clothing during winter season, portable indoor heaters that is often used at homes with no centralized ones, could cause skin dryness. Therefore it is best to boost skin protection with appropriate moisturizers. Choose oil-based moisturizing body lotion such as Clarins over water-based ones as oil-based ointments offer better skin protection and retains more moisture.

It’s also better to use a moisturizing bath soap rather than your typical bath soap.

Hong Kong indoors don’t often come with centralized heating system so portable heaters are among the sought-after winter must-buys. Such home appliances also contribute to dry skin. So an appropriate counter to it is equipping your household with

3. Oily skin
It is normal that upon onset of dry skin, we apply moisturizers and lotion to prevent it from becoming worse. At times, we overcompensate by applying too much moisturizer which results in shiny or oily skin even long after we apply moisturizers. At such instance, there is a need to cut back on usage such moisturizers, lotions or creams. It may also be helpful to cut down on use of petroleum jelly, if not avoiding it until the skin issue improves.

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Another indication is the appearance of facial or body acne. In such cases it may be a good idea not only to reduce the application of their preferred moisturizers and lotions, but also consider using another type, one that contains lighter, milder ingredients and/or natural oils.

4. Itchy and dry scalp
Just before you confirm you have dandruff, check first if you just have itchy, flaky scalp and developing as the season grows cooler. If it’s indeed a dandruff, use treatments that preferably contain tea tree oil, which has anti-fungal properties and is a natural exfoliant which will ease dandruff away from scalp over time.

Treatment starts with gently massaging of your scalp. Massage your scalp with brush with soft bristles before washing to remove the build up of oil, skin cells and other unwanted elements. Another benefit of pure bristles is that they not only lift away dirt and dust, but also distibute natural oil from your scalp with gentle massaging.

Treatment then proceeds with use of moisturizing, medicating and natural, tea-tree enriched shampoo.

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5. Dry hands
Lack of moisture is tge main reason for having dry hands in winter time as humidity plunges. But indoors the situation is even drier, resulting to skin so dehydrated that they crack, peel and sometimes bleed.

Other Tips

  1. Drink plenty of water. As winter prompts people to turn on heaters, water is absorbed from the body at a more rapid rate so replenishing water in your body more frequently helps maintain your top form during this chilly season.
  2. Avoid taking very hot baths and showers. Doing so will make skin even dry out the skin.

Enjoy Hong Kong’s brief winter without sacrificing the quality of your skin!

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