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Domestic Helper Insurance in Hong Kong

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So, the long list with the names of your prospective domestic help has finally ended and you are happy to have chosen your household helper who has amazing communication skills and an equally impressive work experience. She has clicked well with your kids and you are confident about her helping you out with all her might in completing your daily chores, taking care of the kids and keeping the house in order. All that is left to do is for her to sign a contract and sort her visa status with the immigration department. Well, that’s what you think.

Say hello to Employee Compensation Insurance coverage that all employers obtain if they hire any employee for them even if it is a domestic help who works for you, part time or full time, it doesn’t matter.

What is Employee Compensation Insurance coverage?

  • It is an insurance the all employers must obtain to protect against their liability towards employees injuring themselves, or developing an occupational disease during the course of their normal job.
  • If any employee claims under the EC policy, it provides weekly payments to the member of the staff and saves them unnecessary medical expenditure.
  • As long as a person is being paid to complete a job, he or she must be covered under the Employee Compensation Insurance coverage policy.

What is maid insurance?

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Maid insurance is basically Employee Compensation Insurance coverage that will ensure that in the event of any accident or injury that occurs to your maid while working at your place the expenditures are covered by the policy.

Maid Insurance can also be expanded to cover the benefits including

  • Health insurance
  • Personal accident loan
  • Repatriation expenses
  • Dental insurance
  • Fidelity insurance protection
  • Loss of Services Allowance

What are the limitations on Maid Insurance?

  • The coverage provided by the Maid Insurance is within a certain age limit as mentioned in the insurance. Most of the Maid Insurance policies only accept new applications for domestic helpers under the age of 60.
  • There are also options for enrolment of helpers over the age of 65 although they are limited. If your helper is 64 years old then the company may add an additional fee to the overall plan premium due to heightened risk of illness.
  • The Maid Insurance plans are not designed to provide long term coverage in case of a severe illness or accident. So considering the individual health risks of your maid you may want to purchase a standalone Hong Kong Medical Insurance Policy.
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