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Hong Kong Sevens Tickets: Buying Tips

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Tickets to the 2016 Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens on April 8 to 10 are always in demand that the 40,000-seater Hong Kong Stadium cannot accommodate every desiring audience. No wonder there are those who  take advantage of the situation by selling from unauthorized outlets which may turn out to be bogus while others put a huge markup by selling them on the streets.

To make sure you get authentic Hong Kong Sevens tickets, only purchase them from authorized agents:

  1. Viagogo. Viagogo is the designated ticket outlet for Hong Kong Rugby Union and the Hong Kong Sevens for authentic tickets to the events. You can buy or sell your tickets in the marketplace using this platform.
  2. Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon. Fly into Hong Kong through the title sponsor of the event through the  Cathay Pacific Fly’n See Packages using the Cathay Pacific website.
  3. Ballot. It is also possible to obtain tickets through ballot. However, application is tightly competitive but nonetheless grants every afficionado a chance to get his or ticket through this process. Registration for applicants for the Public Ticket Ballot usually ends in January and winners will be notified in February. Slots for 2016 have long been taken but if you are keen to join the next year’s edition, like the Hong Kong Sevents Facebook page or subscribe its newsletter.
  4. Overseas Travel Agents. Similar to Cathay Pacific packages, it is possible for fans outside of Hong Kong to avail of the tickets through authorized travel agents.

In addition to the above channels, fans are also reminded of the following tips:

Beware of scalpers
Sure you need to get a ticket, but a desperate fan might be tempted to bite what’s on offer by a peddler on the street at skyrocket prices — it’s the seller’s market so to speak. However, once you made the purchase, you can’t be sure if the ticket itself is legitimate; you don’t have any security guarantee you’ll get back your money if the ticket turns out to be bogus.

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Not all websites that offer tickets online are authorized
There are websites that claim to offer tickets to the 2016 Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens live by their words. So to in case you missed it, kindly read the list of authorized ticket outlets above. Otherwise, tickets may be fraudulent.

Be aware of phishing
Some websites try to copy the website design of a ticket outlet or mimic the domain name using similar keywords. Be sure you are visiting the correct website and avoid becoming a victim of a fake website.

Say no to auction sites
Bids at auction sites create a feeling of urgency so that bidders may be willing to pay a premium just to get that ticket. However, the ticket everyone’s bidding on may not even be a legitimate one.

Be wary for offers priced less than in the market
Everyone’s expected to pay high cost to avail of a Sevens ticket. However, there may be some people out there willing to part with the ticket for a “discounted” price. If the offer sounds too good to be true, then there must be a catch. It may be the tickets are unavailable and you’ll get no replacement ticket or refunds.

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For more information or to purchase tickets to the Hong Kong Sevens visit:

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