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6 Extreme Sports to Try in Hong Kong

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Expats who wish to summon inner strength in adventure activities to escape from the mundane daily life in Hong Kong and can find relief that there are several options to choose from.

Any sport that involves high level of risks is termed as an extreme sport. Extreme sports are for those who get their adrenaline rush by living their lives on the edge. Hong Kong has an array of extreme sports for you to try.

Bungee Jumping

  • To experience the thrill of bungee jumping you could go to the AJ Hackett Macau Tower located in Macau that offers the highest bungee jump at 233 meters.
  • The operation is open for all seven days of the week. Night jumps are also available if the weather is suitable.
  • An alternative of bungee jumping is Skywalk X. This offers a walk around the Tower on a 1.8 meter wide walkway without a handrail.

Extreme Trail Running:

  • Trail running is a type of race that is organized by expert trail runner and mountain biker Michael Maddess, Asia’s most experienced race directors.
  • If you’re in for some running then you can be a part of his extreme trail running program that sends 60 trained teams to scale river rocks and kayak the ocean and rope climb their way through a designated course on Lantau Island.
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Mountain Biking:

  • Mountain biking is one sport that requires a lot of experience and stamina. If you think you have it then you could consider the exciting rides offered by Hong Kong Mountain Bike Association.
  • If you become a member of this association then you get to enjoy privileges such as maps detailing, highly technical trails to more ‘sedate’ rides, as well as access to the thriving HKMTB community.
  • The membership will help you gear up for your adventure with the necessary equipment and will also help you start out.

Paddle Surfing:

  • It only requires 1 hour of training before you grasp what paddle surfing is all about. For the fitness fanatics, the stand up paddle board comes integrated with yoga.
  • If you are considering trying paddle surfing then you could contact Blue Sky Sports Club that offers paddle board, wake board, surf, stand up paddle surfing and dragon boat training.
  • You could also be a part of the eco tours and trips, and experience kayaking that is organized by the club.


Paraglide Hong Kong is one of the best places to get trained n how to fly solo. If you have made up your mind for it, it only makes sense to go ahead and expose yourself to the thrill.

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Rock Climbing:

  • Rock Climbing is one of the oldest sports classified as “extreme” considering the evident amount of risk involved. If you are the dangling types then Hong Kong is one of the best places to pursue you passion.
  • Lion Rock in Kowloon Tong or Dragon’s Back at Shek O Peak provide you access to natural rocks for climbing.
  • If you like an indoor climb then you could look into options like Da Verm Climbing Club and Just Climb.

Photo credit: Pixabay. License: CC0 Public Domain

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