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10 Things You Should Not Bring to Sevens Venue

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Sure, it’s all fun at the games when you come in the venue. The assorted antics, from outrageous to flamboyant costumes, and taking pride cheering for one’s favored teams.

But just like any other other big gatherings, pandemonium could get out of hand, causing unintended injuries or even death. So before something similar incident could disrupt the festive mood of the weekend event, there are specific items that are prohibited from entering the Hong Kong Stadium.

  1. Cans, glass bottles or plastic bottles.
    These can easily be used to throw at rival fans or hurled simply for the sake of fun.
  2. Any items simulating the uniform or equipment of the disciplined services, e.g. imitation firearms, handcuffs, chains.
    Anyone can pretend to be a polceman but bringing items like replica firearms, handcuffs or chains could confuse the public and may be used to take advantage of unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Rugby balls
    Not to confuse with the official ones?

  4. General dangerous items, e.g. knives, batons, fireworks, party poppers, explosives, bright light emitting devices
    These are things also prohibited on flights, concerts and other venues with high volume of people present.
  5. Sticks, clubs, bats, helmets, selfie sticks, etc.
    Just like the previous list, these items can also be used to inflict harm to fellow revelers.
  6. Electronic musical instruments, loud hailers or Vuvuzela
    These items serve more than just distracting opposing teams; their noise likely cause annoyance that goes much beyond the element of fun.
  7. Any remote controlled flying devices or toys, e.g. model helicopters, drones
    For the event’s security and safety of the audience, such flying objects should not be let in.
  8. Food, beverages, merchandise or publicity items to be sold or distributed without authorization
    Remember you were forbidden to bring food upon entry to Hong Kong Disneyland?
  9. Any items containing abusive or political content to be displayed or distributed.
    The event is meant for fun and no amount of interference such political content or degrading articles should be let in.
  10. Any thing containing intoxicating liquor.
    Liquor must be placed in the stomach, but inebriated fans have often misplaced alcohol in their heads, causing so much trouble.Photo credit: Jon Parise / Flickr / Creative Commons
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