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10 Ways to Find Help for Hong Kong Domestic Helpers

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There are over 320,000 foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong, mostly from the Philippines and Indonesia. While in most cases they assist us in preparing the kitchen, cleaning the house or minding the children, they also need help.

1. In case of helpers in emergency situations:
Just like any other expat or local in Hong Kong, 999 is the number to call for any emergency. For domestic helpers, this could mean medical emergency for herself, family she is serving or any other in the neighborhood. Or it could be a crime that could endanger lives or properties.

2. In case of helpers abused or trafficked:
Helpers who are verbally or physically abused, or are victims of trafficking and did not pass through required legal employment procedures can reach out by phone the Liberty Asia‘s multi-lingual Victim Crisis Centre Emergency Hotline at 2100 3300.

3. In case of helpers needing legal advice or counselling:
Helpers in distress can reach out to the following:

  • Helpers for Domestic Helpers: 2523-4020 /
  • Christian Action Ethnic Minorities & Domestic Worker Programme: 2739-6193 or email
  • Jabez Counselling: Ms. Clara Ho at 9830 8324 or email
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4. In case of helpers on suicidal tendencies:
For helpers troubled by personal problems, buried in debt or other reasons that might trigger suicidal thoughts, they (or their friends) can call The Samaritans 24-hour crisis and multi-lingual suicide prevention hotline: 2896-0000 or email

5. In case of helpers seeking emergency accommodation:
Helpers abruptly terminated from their employment and seek shelter can reach out to Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge: 2721-3119 or email

6. In case of helpers experiencing sexual assault:
Helpers who become victims of sexual exploitation can reach out to

  • Rainlily’s Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women: 2392-2569 or email
  • Anti-480 Anti Sexual Violence Resource Centre: 2625-4016 or

7. In case of helpers wishing to learn about financial literacy:
Helpers who wish to attend financial planning workshops may contact Enrich at 5648-0990, email

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8. In case of helpers getting pregnant or given birth in Hong Kong and worried about visa/employment status:
Helpers who have become pregnant or gave birth to a child and uncertain of their employment or visa status or have overstayed in Hong Kong may contact Pathfinders at 5190-4886 or email

9. In case of helpers finding issues relating their employment contract:
Hong Kong Labor Department covers a wide scope of topic relating to domestic helper employment. Helpers may reach the Department at 2717-1771.

10. In case of helpers having questions on their immigration status:
Helpers with issues relating to their conditions of stay, visa status and other relevant issues may reach the Hong Kong Immigration Department at 2824-6111.

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