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28 Signs That You Are A Filipino in Hong Kong

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Filipinos have certain characteristics that set their identity, whether they’re back home, or overseas. Let’s explore these common things that make one a Filipino living in Hong Kong.

  1. You choose between LBC, AFreight, Genex, and Focus as your official door-to-door balikbayan box.
  2. You ask your newly found friend what’s her phone network; if you share the same one, you are both in for extended “heart-to-heart” phone conversations.
  3. You tell your friends to meet up at Central MTR, Worldwide House, or Blackman on Sundays.
  4. You are sometimes confused between the so-called Alley-alley 1 (Li Yuen Street East) and Alley-alley 2 (Li Yuen Street West) in Central.
  5. You often ask how much is today’s exchange rate between Hong Kong dollars and Philippine peso.
  6. You find creative ways to have fun in a crowded park (Statue Square, Chater Garden, Kowloon Park, Discovery Park).
  7. You find time to go to your favorite Filipino products shop to buy
  8. If you don’t have an Internet connection at home, you often head to your neighborhood Filipino cyber cafe.
  9. You ask your friends if they were able to grab the latest copy of The Sun and Hongkong News.
  10. You find yourself engrossed reading your favorite Tagalog pocketbook in the tram, bus, or at the market. You rent three pocketbooks for HK$5 a week.
  11. You are on a lookout for concerts in Central featuring artists from the Philippines.
  12. You choose between Ocean Park, The Peak, Hongkong Disneyland, or Noah’s Ark to spend a week with the family.
  13. You join Filipino basketball leagues in Wan Chai.
  14. You try hard to join auditions for beauty pageants like Smartone Barkadahan, Mutya ng Mindanao, Project Runway, Agusan HK Society, Miss Bicolana, Miss Luzon, etc.
  15. You find videoke bars at Filipino shops and are not afraid to be heard singing songs of Regine Velazquez, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Sarah Geronimo, Celine Dion or Imelda Papin.
  16. You head to Laguna, Neptune, Boracay, New Makati disco houses in Wan Chai.
  17. You are told by many non-Filipino friends that you sing well during karaoke sessions in Neway or Red Box.
  18. You know Cinta J and Mang Ambo restaurants and visit them once in a while.
  19. You belong to specific religious organizations such as Couples for Christ, Jesus is Lord or El Shaddai, and civic organizations like United Ilocanos, Mindanao Alliance, or UNIFIL.
  20. You buy your electronics goods from RFC or Owtel on layaway terms.
  21. You bring out your Filipino costume and perform ethnic dance during the Philippine Independence Day celebration.
  22. You learn cooking, karate, and computer lessons at short-term courses at Bayanihan Centre.
  23. You spend your weekend following up on your application to go to Canada.
  24. You buy tabloids like Abante and Bulgar daily at ParkNShop or your nearby newspaper dealers.
  25. You find it hard to look for reference when applying for financial loans at JCG-Public Finance or Prime Credit.
  26. You have friends selling glutathione, Vital C, High Desert, and other health supplements and occasionally get invited to join their multilevel “investment” schemes.
  27. You can easily find Filipina manicure, pedicure, massage, and fortune tellers at Chater Garden. But beware, if caught, you could get in trouble with the police.
  28. You enjoy chicken joy or palabok at Jollibee Hong Kong.

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