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7 Reasons to Hate Winter in Hong Kong

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We experience Hong Kong’s coldest weather at this time of the year, even if the city has mild winters. A few days ago, most of the city endured temperatures well below 10 degree Celsius, a chilly threshold where most locals start to feel discomfort. While we look forward to this period in the middle of a sweaty, humid July or August afternoon, there are also reasons why we hate the Hong Kong winter.

1. Most interiors are not equipped with space heaters
Since Hong Kong does not endure extended period of cold weather, it seems practical not to install space heaters in most homes. That means we have to bear the cold chilly nights and days at home. No wonder the weather forecaster’s cold weather warning is not something to laugh at. They warn the elderly and vulnerable people of possible health issues associated with exposure to wintry winds.

2. Extra bills for use of heaters and dryers
We put our air conditioners on hibernation and that saves us energy costs. But we also perpetually turn on the heater for obvious reasons. During winter time, it takes longer to dry our clothes and for those who need to use dryer at home, this also means more energy usage.

3. Much lesser motivation to leave bed
One of the most cozy parts of winter is when you head off into your comfortable bed, cuddled in warm fluffy blanket. But when it’s time to leave for school or work, it sometimes requires gargantuan effort to accomplish such a task.

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4. Buses and trains have air conditioning systems on
Weathermen and experts advise enough indoor ventilation during winter time. But when you’re in the bus or sometimes in the MTR, air conditioning systems don’t even take a break. Just when you thought you escaped the chilly outdoors, you’ll find yourself avoiding the air valves.

5. Some people have some strange smell
Winter, to some people, is a period of abstinence from taking showers. Too scared even with heaters at home, these people prefer to go outdoors without maintaining proper hygiene, thinking that airtight jackets and sweaters keep the body odor to themselves. Many among us may be tolerant but to those who skip showers during winter season, don’t be shocked when someone tries to avoid you while plugging their noses as quickly as possible. If you think BO exists only during summer months, you’re dead wrong.

6. Heavier luggage for winter travelers
For those traveling during winter season, especially to frigid destinations, a considerable space in the luggage must be allocated for warm clothing which are obviously larger than summer wear.

7. We miss the swimming pools and beaches
One of the best things about summer is going to the beach or neighborhood pools for a good dip. It’s not impossible to do so during winter; in fact a lot of people in the Northern Hemisphere enjoy the polar bear dip. But to the untrained, it’s not worth doing.

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