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HKID Card Replacement: When and How to Apply for New Smart ID

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For the first time in 15 years, Hong Kong will undergo upgrading its identification system. In 2018, it initiated a series of HKID replacements as it introduces a new generation of smart ID cards.

History of smart ID in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been issuing identification cards to its residents for several decades. From the yellow, blue, and pink first-generation cards issued starting 1949 to laminated cards in the 1960s, Hong Kong identity cards continue to evolve. In 1983, the first computerized identity cards were issued in multiple replacement phases.

Soon after, in 1987 the second-generation of such type of cards were issued for use beyond the Handover in 1997.

In 2003, further enhancement on Hong Kong ID card was made, powered by state-of-art technologies, the smart identity card stores in its microchip the template of the holder’s thumbprints as a deterrent against fraud and counterfeiting.

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Fifteen years later, on November 26, 2018, Hong Kong introduced the Next Generation Smart Identity Card System with enhanced security features, more durable cards, and improved security and data protection.

Security features

Hologram with Wave and 3D Effect

Viewed from different angles, the image changes its color with wave and 3D relief effect. This makes the new smart ID card even more

Tactile Relief

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Positive tactile impact can be felt easily by finger.

Ink with optically variable properties

The ink displays two distinct colors depending on the angle to be viewed at.

Rainbow printing

Rainbow printing is a combination of two colors changing gradually from left to right.

See-through window

See-through window is the intersected area between front and back opening, with Hong Kong Identity Card number laser engraved on different layers of the see-through window.

Multi-pattern background

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A multi-pattern background includes fine-line patterns and guilloche.

Stereo Laser Image with portrait

Inclusion of a picture of a second smaller photograph of the cardholder by the patent security feature of “Stereo Laser Image.”

Full-color Image under UV

When the back of the new smart identity card is illuminated under UV light, a full-color image of fireworks in Hong Kong and significant buildings will come into view.

Microprinted text

A tiny text which requires a magnifying glass to read.

Schedule of Replacement

The territory-wide Identity Card Replacement Exercise covers all Hong Kong residents, regardless of whether they are Hong Kong permanent residents or residents for employment (including foreign domestic helpers), investment, or study.

There is a designated timeframe to replace an old Hong Kong ID card with the new smart ID. This is based on the year of birth. Refer to the table below.

A1The Chief Executive, Members of the Executive Council, Members of the Legislative Council, Principal Officials, Members of the Immigration Service, Police Officers and Labour Inspectors27 December 2018 to 30 March 2019
CycleUpcoming phaseYear of birthDesignated Period of Replacement (Note)
A21985 or 198621 January 2019 – 30 March 2019
31968 or 19691 April 2019 – 1 June 2019
B41966 or 1967Q2 – Q4 2019
51964 or 1965Q2 – Q4 2019
61955 or 1956Q2 – Q4 2019
C71957 to 1959Q4 2019 - Q2 2020
81960 or 1961Q4 2019 - Q2 2020
91962 or 1963Q4 2019 - Q2 2020
D101970 to 19722020
111973 or 19742020
121975 or 19762020
E131977 or 19782020 or 2021
141979 or 19802020 or 2021
151981 or 19822020 or 2021
F162005 to 20072021
F162012 to 20182021
171983 or 19842021
G181987 or 19882021 or 2022
191989 or 19902021 or 2022
201991 or 19922021 or 2022
H211993 or 19942022
221995 to 19972022
231998 to 20002022
I241954 or before2022

Hong Kong ID replacement procedure

A prior appointment is required for those scheduled for replacement. There are three ways you, the applicant, can do this.

  1. By phone.  2121 1234
  2. Immigration Department mobile app.
  3. Designated the Immigration Department web page.

#3 Appointment by Immigration website

  1. Visit the smart ID replacement web page. Click the Make Appointment link as the first-time user. You can later retrieve your information entered by clicking on the Prefill Form option.

    Select the Make Appointment option as a first-time user
  2. If you are making an appointment for yourself, choose Individual under Type of Booking. If you are assisting an elderly, choose Individual and Caring for the Elderly and select the number of elderly cardholders you will help. So if you are assisting one, then you will enter information for two applicants: one for you and one for the elderly person you are assisting.
  3. Enter your Hong Kong ID number. You’ll also be asked to choose a 4-digit code you can use in case you need to update details of your appointment.
  4. Select the appointment date. You can choose 24 working dates from current (Monday to Saturday except public holidays). This will be subject to the quota provided by the replacement centers. Reminder: Make sure all information entered is correct (at least, it matches the record by the Immigration Department). Incorrect entry such as inaccurate Hong Kong ID or wrong date of birth will mean your appointment’s cancellation without further notice.
  5. On the day of your appointment, bring along your Hong Kong ID. For applicants under 11 years old, their parents/guardians should produce their Hong Kong ID, birth certificate, proof of identity (school records, student handbook, etc.) and photo (50x40mm full-face photo) if applicant’s height is under 90cm.

For more questions, you can call the Immigration e-Services Hotline at (852) 3128 8668 between 7 am and 11 pm daily.

Smart ID replacement locations

Smart Identity Card Replacement Centres Address Telephone
Hong Kong Island Smart Identity Card Replacement Centre Room 200, 2/F, Shui On Centre, 6-8 Harbour Road, Wan Chai
(Wan Chai MTR station Exit A5, near to Immigration Tower and Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre)
3521 1688
East Kowloon Smart Identity Card Replacement Centre Unit 1, 2/F, Manulife Financial Centre and Unit 1B, 3/F, Manulife Financial Centre, Tower A, 223-231 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong
(Kwun Tong MTR station Exit B1 , near to Kwun Tong Ferry Pier, located in the same commercial center as Registration of Persons – Kwun Tong Office)
3150 8288
West Kowloon Smart Identity Card Replacement Centre 12/F, Gala Place, 56 Dundas Street, Mong Kok
(Yau Ma Tei MTR station Exit A2 or Mong Kok MTR station Exit E2, near to Kwong Wah Hospital)
3520 4100
Tsuen Wan Smart Identity Card Replacement Centre Shop S201, 2/F, Smartland, 50 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan
(Tai Wo Hau MTR station Exit B or Tsuen Wan MTR station Exit B2, near to Panda Hotel)
3150 8308
Sha Tin Smart Identity Card Replacement Centre Shop G26, G/F & Shop 123, 1/F, Kings Wing Plaza 1, 3 On Kwan Street, Sha Tin
(Shek Mun MTR station Exit A)
3150 8500
Sheung Shui Smart Identity Card Replacement Centre 7/F, Spot, 48 Lung Sum Avenue, Sheung Shui
(Sheung Shui MTR station Exit A4, near to Landmark North)
3150 8600
Tuen Mun Smart Identity Card Replacement Centre Shop L414B, Level 4, Leung King Plaza, Leung King Estate, 31 Tin King Road, Tuen Mun
(Light Rail Leung King Stop, near to Tuen Mun North West Swimming Pool)
3150 8668
Yuen Long Smart Identity Card Replacement Centre Shop 50, G/F, Manhattan Plaza, 23 Sai Ching Street, Yuen Long
(Light Rail Tai Tong Road Stop)
3150 8618
Tseung Kwan O Smart Identity Card Replacement Centre Shop 20-26, G/F, Corinthia By The Sea, 23 Tong Yin Street, Tseung Kwan O, Sai Kung
(Tseung Kwan O MTR station Exit B1, or Tiu Keng Leng MTR Station Exit A1 for taking New Territories Green Minibus (GMB) Route No. 114B to the stop at Tong Yin Street, near to Tseung Kwan O Waterfront Park)
3150 8690

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may register for the new smart ID cards?

Registration of identity cards is for Hong Kong residents aged 11 or 18, newly arrived immigrants and those immigrants who enter Hong Kong with a One Way Permit is processed by the Registration of Persons (ROP) Offices. Besides, the ROP Offices also handle replacement of identity cards due to defacement or loss, or applications for amendment of registered particulars, etc. Meanwhile, applications for replacement of identity cards under the Territory-wide Identity Card Replacement Exercise (Replacement Exercise) are handled by the nine newly established Smart Identity Card Replacement Centres (SIDCCs).

On the other hand, under the Replacement Exercise, the location for collecting a new smart identity card need not be the same as that for the application of replacement. Members of the public are free to choose to receive their new intelligent identity cards at any one of the sides, except the ROP Offices.

Can I authorize someone else to pick up my new smart identity card?

If you are unable to collect your identity card in person, you can authorize another person to receive it on your behalf. You should notify the registration officer at the time of replacing your identity card and complete an authorization form (ID678) or a written authorization. The authorization form (ID678) is available through the following link.

Form ID678: Authorisation for collection of identity card/travel document

The authorized representative must have attained 18 years of age. Upon selection of the card, the authorized representative must return your existing identity card and produce your notice of collection and his or her valid proof of identity, e.g. Hong Kong identity card, passport or Hong Kong Re-entry Permit, as well as a completed authorization form or your written authorization plus verification of your signature.

Can I bring along family members who are aged 65 or above to replace their cards?

The applicant can bring along two family members or friends aged 65 or above to replace their identity cards during the same visit when his/her respective age group is called up for replacement, while the applicant’s family member or friend must be born in 1954 or before.

At which point will my Hong Kong identity card become invalid?

The Secretary for Security will at opportune time issue invalidation orders to declare certain Hong Kong Identity Cards to be invalid by batches. Before such a request is issued, members of the public can still use their existing smart identity cards for immigration clearance as usual. However, if their identity cards are declared to be invalid, members of the public shall use their valid travel documents for entering Hong Kong.

I am based outside of Hong Kong. Is there a special arrangement for Hong Kong identity card replacement?

Residents holding the existing Hong Kong Identity Cards (HKICs) who are living outside Hong Kong during their specified call-up periods need not rush back to Hong Kong for identity card replacement. Even if their specified call-up periods have expired when they return to Hong Kong, they can still have their HKICs replaced at any one of the Smart Identity Card Replacement Centres within 30 days of their return to Hong Kong.

Identity card is mainly used for verification of identity for certain persons within Hong Kong and is not a travel document. It is thus not imperative for residents outside Hong Kong to replace the new smart identity card.

Is it possible to amend personal particulars during the Hong Kong identity card replacement exercise?

If you wish to amend the personal particulars of your identity card, you should complete the application form (i.e., ROP73) and post it to the Registration of Persons General and Statistics Unit with copies of supporting documents.

Registration of Persons General and Statistics Unit
12/F, Immigration Tower
7 Gloucester Road
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Besides, you may submit the application form at any Registration of Persons (ROP) Office or by email to If the application is approved, arrangements will be made to replace your identity card at a fee of HK$460. ROP Offices will only process such claims. The Smart Identity Card Replacement Centres will not process such requests.

Can I replace my existing Hong Kong identity card before my scheduled replacement period?

Holders of Hong Kong Identity Cards (HKICs) are required to have their existing identity cards replaced within their specified periods under the Registration of Persons (Application for New Identity Cards) Order 2018. Nevertheless, if you are outside Hong Kong during your specified call-up periods, you need not rush back to Hong Kong for identity card replacement before the expiry of your specified call-up periods. You can still have your HKICs replaced at any one of the Smart Identity Card Replacement Centres within 30 days of your return to Hong Kong.

You can make use of the online appointment booking system, i.e. or the Immigration Department Mobile Application, for making an appointment and pre-fill application forms to enjoy a faster process of registration at the replacement centers.

If you are unable to collect your HKICs in person, you can give authorization in writing to representatives (aged 18 or above) to manage your HKICs on your behalf.

How much does it cost to replace my existing Hong Kong identity card with the new smart card?

New smart Hong Kong Identity Cards issued under the Replacement Exercise are free of charge.

What happens if I fail to replace my Hong Kong identity card during the designated period?

Following Section 7B(3) of the Registration of Persons Ordinance, any person who without reasonable excuse fails to apply for a new identity card within the specified call-up periods commits an offense and will be liable to a fine of $5,000 if prosecuted.

However, if you are outside Hong Kong during your specified call-up period, you need not rush back to Hong Kong for identity card replacement before the expiry of your specified call-up period. You can still have your HKIC replaced at any one of the Smart Identity Card Replacement Centres within 30 days of your return to Hong Kong.

How can I make a booking for an appointment to replace my Hong Kong identity card?

The appointment booking period for replacement for a Hong Kong identity card is 24 working days. Applicants are advised to make prior appointment and prefill application form online or through the Immigration Department Mobile Application before they come to the offices for an identity card replacement.

Besides, you can also make an appointment via the 24-hour telephone booking system at (852) 2121 1234.

Contact Information

2nd Floor, Immigration Tower,
7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai,
Hong Kong
Working Hours:
Mon – Fri: 8:45 am – 4:30 pm
Sat: 9:00 am – 11:30 am
Closed on Sundays and public holidays

By phone (24-hour hotline)
(852) 2824 6111

By mail
Immigration Department
Immigration Tower,
7 Gloucester Road,
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

By email

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