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Guide to Visiting Nike Factory Outlets in Hong Kong

Nike outlet shops in Hong Kong are a great place to find discounted athletic wear and footwear. With prices typically 30-70% off the retail price, you can save money on your favorite Nike gear. The outlet shops also have a...

Explore Hong Kong’s 12 Stunning Shopping Malls

Hong Kong's shopping malls give locals and tourists a unique retail experience. From Central's glittering buildings to Mong Kok's bustling streets, the city is filled with malls for every taste. Traditional marketplaces and upscale boutiques reflect the city's distinctive...

Lalamove vs. GoGoVan: A Comparison of On-Demand Delivery Services in Hong Kong

In the bustling city of Hong Kong, on-demand delivery services have gained significant popularity, revolutionizing how goods are transported across the region. Among the leading players in this space are Lalamove and GoGoVan. Let us compare these two prominent platforms,...

PPS Bill Payment: Advantages and Why You Should Use It

When you're in Hong Kong, time seems to pass so quickly. There's just a lot of things to do within oh-so-limited time. Even if we're backed with modern technology -- faster and more frequent train intervals, faster broadband connections...

How to Open, Close Your Towngas Account

There are several moving parts involved when you move apartments in Hong Kong. Whether you just arrived straight from overseas and occupying your first flat in the city, or moving from another location in the territory, relocation is often...

Do Self-Checkout Machines Put Cashier Jobs in Trouble?

Nobody wants to spend a long time in a line. Whether it's the ATM, dining table or offline bank transaction, we want to take the shortest route and be on our way. One common instance we get involved in a...

Top Things to Check Before Signing Your Hong Kong Apartment Rental Contract

It is a privilege for every tenant to be allowed to live in a house someone else owns, but owners too have to be responsible of the well-being, comfort and safety of their paying tenants.

45 Questions You Should Ask Before Renting a Hong Kong Property

These questions are not exhaustive enough and may not apply to certain dwellings, but should provide enough guidance for would-be tenants before they settle in. Looking for a new house can be a painstaking experience so having a ready list of questions could help arrive at reasonable decisions.

Where Expats Live in Hong Kong and What They Love About These Places

As skyrocketing property values have prompted some companies to scale down their housing offers to foreign nationals moving into Hong Kong, newcomers have cast their nets in wider range of districts in their hunt for a suitable accommodation. But for the sake of answering the question 'where do expats live in Hong Kong' here are our thoughts.

6 Way to Ensure Privacy of Domestic Helpers at Home

Many of us cannot just think of living a fast-paced life without domestic help creating space for us by taking care of an array of responsibilities back at home. They make our life comfortable and easy by just unburdening many days to day tasks off our shoulder. Naturally, we depend on them a lot. But such comfort, ease of living and dependability comes with a price.
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Exploring Lan Kwai Fong: Central’s Dining and Entertainment Destination

Lan Kwai Fong is a busy and well-known nightlife zone in Hong Kong's Central District. After dusk, this bustling...
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