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Guide to English Teaching Jobs in Hong Kong

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There is an array of opportunities for anyone who is looking to teach English in schools of Hong Kong. With schools looking to hire “Native English Teachers,” it does not matter if you are a graduate of a similar field, many schools are willing to hire you, merely by your Caucasian appearance — not just those coming from the United States, Canada, UK or Australia.

If you are looking for a job as an English teacher then here is a guide to help you get started with the process.


  • You must have a degree in any subject that can act as a substitute for TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate in Hong Kong.
  • Having a TEFL certificate is an added bonus that increases your chances to bag the job against a crowd of foreigners who don’t have it.
  • Trinity All Saints certificate offered by English for Asia is the best TEFL program available in Hong Kong.

Institutions to Apply To

  • Chatteris Educational Foundation
    • The Foundation supports and trains you with emphasis on oral English with a non-formal approach. It can involve taking small groups of children out of the class for additional activities.
    • The wage offered starts at HK$13,000 per month.
    • After your training you are placed in a British, American, Canadian or Australian primary or secondary school.
    • Though a demanding management and central office, Chatteris is a great place to start from.
  • Summer Schools, Kindergartens, Drama Organizations & Language/Tuition Schools
    • There is an assortment of English language institutions in Hong Kong. With more than 50 schools to choose from you can apply to the ones that suit your requirements the most.
    • Have a work visa ready if you are a foreigner because you will need it to be able to work in a school.
    • Check the reputation of the school you are applying to.
    • Enquire about vacancies and the expected salaries. Generally they start from HK$20,000 per month.
    • If you want to earn some extra money you can always give tuitions at the rate of HK$300-500 per hour.
  • Hong Kong NET (Native English Teacher) Scheme
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This scheme recruits older, professional teachers with a recognized TEFL certification along with a degree and experience.

  • Primary NET Program
    • The primary program offers a salary of HK$22,405 to HK$45,405 per month.
    • If you are a foreigner then you get a special allowance of around HK$14,000.
    • There is a 15% gratuity on everything you earn which is awarded at the end of the 2 year contract.
    • The education department also pays for your flights, medical insurance and excess baggage.
  • The secondary NET Program offers more salary and required more experience.

Applications for both the programs are accepted until mid-January and are followed by interviews and assessment. DSS schools do not hire NETS through NET Scheme so benefits may be negotiated. Your CV is sent to schools with vacancies once you are accepted on the scheme.

Here is a list of questions that you can ask to the school when called.

  • Number of classes you’ll teach per week
  • Number of hours you are expected to work
  • Your involvement in planning the English program at school
  • Whether you will be regularly evaluated
  • Whether you will have your own classroom
  • Your involvement in English panel meetings
  • Your involvement in extra-curricular activities

Here is a list of what the schools wants you to have if you are applying for an English teaching job.

  • Knowledge of NET Scheme
  • Experience with and knowledge of co-teaching
  • Knowledge of Hong Kong curriculum initiatives
  • Experience with and knowledge of developing reading and writing skills for varied ability groups
  • knowledge of phonics teaching
  • Experience with and knowledge of developing whole school activities to promote English
  • Experience with and knowledge of the use of resources and strategies such as IT, shared reading and big books
  • Experience with and knowledge of working with students with learning difficulties
  • Experience with preparing and delivering PD and the kind of the PD you would like to deliver
  • Experience with and knowledge of dealing with resistance to new strategies for teaching and learning
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TEFL Around the world

  • Apart from Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Middle East also have great teaching opportunities.
  • There are opportunities in Anglophone African countries, China and India – and, if you know Spanish, South America. VSO, which employs professional, experienced teachers, is the best option for work in poorer nations and is largely a voluntary program.

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