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Public vs. Private Hospitals in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong has excellent medical services for all residents — those who hold valid Hong Kong identification cards. While the facilities are more or less the same between these two sectors of medical care, it’s the amount of attention, notably the waiting time and cost are what sets them apart.

Medical treatments in Hong Kong are divided into three classes:

  • Primary: General practices ranging from cough to immunizations.
  • Secondary and Tertiary: Treatment for illness which requires long term hospitalization.

Private hospitals mostly offer primary and secondary medical services whereas government run hospitals provide all the three types of medical services. Some hospitals specialize in tertiary care for chronic diseases.

Here is a list of differences between the private and public hospitals

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  • They are run by Hong Kong Hospital Authority.
  • Made for those people who do not have enough income so that they can afford good healthcare or for those who are too ill and too old to earn
  • The hospitals provide quality services
  • Infamous for bland food, appointment times and communication problem
  • You must have Hong Kong identity card to get treated in public hospitals. Without that the charges are same as a private hospital. With identity card you are charged HK$100 for emergency visit and without it HK$500.
  • The cost of consulting to specialist doctor in Hong Kong public hospitals is about HK$100, whereas for general consultation the charges are HK$60.
  • Payment is preferred in cash


  • Hong Kong has 12 private hospitals that only provide primary healthcare
  • Drugs, treatment, tests and investigation are not included in consultation fees
  • Payment is accepted by check, credit card etc.
  • All private hospitals are very easy to reach through public transport.
  • You must make an appointment in advance before your visit
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