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Understanding Taboos and Superstitions in Hong Kong

Every city has its own custom, taboos and superstitions. Hong Kong is no different. It is a concoction of many cultures. Most of the employers in Hong Kong are Chinese, American, Australian, etc. with Chinese ethnicity in the majority. So if you are going to China as an employee knowing about the taboos, traditions and culture of the Chinese people will do you nothing but good.

Here they are!

  1. Traditions that are followed on new year:
  • To be lucky for the whole year every Chinese cleans his/her entire house and all the equipment used in cleaning like brooms, brushes, dust pans, dusters are kept outside the house.
  • After the New Year’s Day people do not sweep the dirt out of their home until the fifth day as there is a superstition according to which if you sweep out the dirt of your home you are sweeping out one of your family member.
  • There is another superstition according to which if any person sweeps the dirt out of their home from the main entrance the person is sweeping out good destiny from his/her home. To avoid this they should sweep the dirt inside of their home and then sweep it out from the back door of the home.
  • People should not use and bad words or unlucky words during the holidays of New Year.
  • There is another tradition and that is if a person cries on New Year’s Day then he/she would cry for whole year.
  • People do not wash their hair on the day of New Year as they think that washing their hair means washing away the good luck.
  1. Everyday beliefs and cultures that are followed in the household:
  • If Chinese employer sees his/her worker crying then it brings bad luck for them.
  • Chinese people generally prefer to wear red color as they think that red color is a happy color. They do not wear white, blue and black color as they think that these colors are related to death.
  • People of China do not open their gifts instantly as they receive them they do it afterwards.
  • To build amiable personal relationships and to have good health and wealth the furniture should be arranged in a proper way.


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