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What To Do If Your US Passport is Lost or Stolen in Hong Kong

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Losing a passport can be a big headache not only to frequent travelers who make international travel but to anyone whose lost passport might be at the hands of identity thieves and could mean potential monetary loss and sagging reputation. If you noticed that some items in the

Here are things to do when your US passport is lost or stolen.


1. Set an an appointment online. This means finding the right time to pay the US Consulate a visit, bringing with you a set of required documents.

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2. Complete the form DS-11. It is recommended that you fill out the form on your computer and print it. Otherwise you may print the blank form and fill it out yourself.

3. Complete the form DS-64: Statement Regarding a Lost/Stolen Passport. Print out the form and fill it out yourself.

4. Bring the completed forms with you to the US Consulate on your appointed date/time. Besides the forms, also bring the following:

Requirements: (in addition to the DS-11 and DS-64)

a. Proof of US citizenship. This can be in the form of US birth certificate or consular report of birth abroad.
b. Previous US passport.
c. Proof of identity, likely a government issued ID that contains your photo such as Hong Kong ID or state driver’s license
d. One photo (2×2 inches / 5cm x 5cm) with white backrgound.

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First time adult passport application is U.S. $135 or HK $1,080.

Payment options are as follows:

  • U.S. or local currency;
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or Diners Club. All credit card transactions are in U.S. dollars, as if the transaction occurred in the United States.

United States Consulate General
Address: 26 Garden Rd, Central
Hours: Closed today
Ambassador: Kurt Tong (Consul General)

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