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Preparing Your Toddler for Pre School Interview

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As a Hong Kong resident you must know that every school in Hong Kong interviews your child even if they are a tiny little 3 years old. So when the time finally comes for your child to get ready for school time, you as the parent must make sure that they are ready with the answers to the interview questions.

Here is a little insight on how to prepare your child for the D-Day.

What is the child tested on?

  • Ability to understand simple instructions: This is the most important aspect of the interview. The child is tested on lateral thinking ability and the level of confidence with which they respond to the questions.
  • Response and Communication: Teachers throw up questions asking the children to tell their name, talk about their family, where they live and their birthdays. What is important here is that your child should be spontaneous enough to not sit back but go ahead and respond. Train your child how to be enthusiastic and active.
  • Phonics: Children are often tested on phonics, numbers, alphabets and reading skills for primary level admission. In international schools, the child must be fluent in English and demonstrate strong oral skills.

How to prepare your child?

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  • Work on making your kid interactive and teach him how to remain calm in different situations
  • Encourage your child to speak up and express himself. Study his behavior to know his weak points and work on them.
  • Admit your child into tuition classes that train the child for an interview.
  • Expose your child to the activities that will be conducted during the interview.
  • Teach your child how to meet and greet the teachers, say thank you to them at the end of a session. They also play an important role.


  • Don’t conduct a lot of interviews of your child before the day of the interview.
  • Don’t let your stress seep into the child. Make them feel relaxed and at ease by advising them to be friendly and cooperative with the teachers and other children they will meet on the interview day.

On the Interview Day:

  • Paperwork: Carry all the necessary documents that you have been asked to get along with you.
  • Arrive in time: Start your journey early because you don’t want the panicky journey to reflect in your child’s behavior
  • Good Luck: Wish your child and ask them to be friendly and play with the others. Tell them that you’ll be waiting for them when they come back
  • Be proud: When they come back, give them a big hug and tell them that you’re proud of them.

What happens next?

  • Thank You: Following the day of your child’s interview send a “Thank You” email to the admissions office. This will show how keen you are to get a place for your child in that school.
  • How long, what’s next? Schools generally take at least 3 months to reach a decision. If your child doesn’t get a spot in the school seek some feedback and re-evaluate what’s best for your child.
  • Don’t Worry: If your child doesn’t get the desired spot don’t be disheartened. There are always more schools where you can try.
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Credit: Pixabay

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