Thursday, May 19, 2022

Netizens Praise Filipina Hikers Picking Litter on Hong Kong Trails

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As the temperatures drop a bit, more locals are taking advantage of Hong Kong’s variety of hiking trails. However, while many hikers love nature, not all of them care enough; they leave a trail of rubbish along the way.

Thankfully, there are also truly nature-lovers they not only love the beauty of nature, these folks also know how to care for nature.

Without much fanfare, they could have done the job well. But with one hiker named Edward So noticed, took snaps and posted on Facebook.

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“While exercising on Ma On Shan today, I saw seven or eight Filipino domestic helpers each carrying a big bag and filling them up with trash as they hiked. My fellow hikers, would you be glad to see people from other countries having to tidy your native land? I feel so embarrassed!”

He later added, “All I did was say ‘proud of you’ to them before going on my merry way. So shameful.”

The post further gained traction as it was shared by the popular 100 Most online publication, earning comments expressing appreciation towards the women while feeling embarrassed that as Hong Kong people, they failed to show civic mindedness in their own city.

“Truly top class human beings! Hong Kong people also need to work hard and do good for the city!” one person wrote.

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On the other hand, some comments question how So automatically tagged the women as foreign domestic helpers working in Hong Kong.

“While there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a domestic helper, the problem is you can’t automatically assume a group of Filipino women are maids. Can you also determine exactly what every commenter on this post does? I’m interested in your psychic powers,” someone wrote, as quoted by Coconuts Hong Kong.

It was later learned that the women photographed were only one of six groups who were on a mission to clean up the MacLehose Trail.

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