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How to Organize Your Baby’s Birthday Party

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Birthdays are a wonderful occasion and if it’s your child’s first birthday then there are high chances of you going crazy planning for the best first birthday party for your little bundle of joy. Planning a birthday party for your soon to be one year old can be stressful especially when the baby keeps you occupied all the time. Your excitement and the haste are conceivable.

To make sure that your kid gets just the celebration you have planned for him or her here are ideas on how to go about it.

Who to invite?

Now, this can be a little brainstorming. Since this is the first birthday of your child instead of inviting a boring crowd you just need to have the people who make your party a party. Depending upon the type of party you have in mind, here is the list from which you can make your choice:

  • Family and close mates
  • Old friends
  • Neighbors
  • Colleagues
  • Acquaintances
  • Adults or babies and youngsters
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Once you have your guest list you can look for the venues before you send out invitations and set up any concrete plans.

When to throw the party?

Giving a thought to when you should throw the party is important because not all your guests will be free the day you plan to host it. Choose a day and a time that is convenient for all.

  • A Saturday or Sunday afternoon is the perfect choice.
  • Choose a time that doesn’t include your baby’s nap time
  • Invite all the guest well in advance so they can plan ahead

Since it’s the first birthday party and the star of the party, your kid doesn’t understand anything that’s going on, keep the party brief.

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Choosing a venue

Choosing the right venue is one of the biggest headaches while planning the perfect party. If you have a lot of guests coming over you cannot use your house as the venue. Don’t worry as here are a few ideas for your party venue

  • Residential Clubhouse: If you have a communal clubhouse in the building that you can rent for a few hours then nothing could be better than that. All you have to do is carry all the supplies a few floors above or below your apartment and Viola!
  • Private Member’s Club: If you are a member of a Football/Cricket Club or any other club with a function room then that could be it. Club rooms are great venues plus you could also use some help of the club staff.
  • Child Friendly Venues: If your guest list consists of toddlers and small children you could look for some child friendly venues with play rooms and swings that that your little guests will love.
  • Outdoors/ Public Venue: Cyberport Waterfront Park, Repulse Bay Beach and children’s playgrounds are some perfect venues to plan an outdoor party. No booking needed but comes in first come-first served basis!
  • Fastfood outlets: Themed Parties can also be reserved at restaurants such as Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and other food chains. They are usually booked in advanced and have specific party hours.

Organizing Food and Catering

Don’t go too heavy on the menu. Light snack like finger rolls, chicken wings, mini sausage rolls, cold cuts etc. are enough to let your guest nibble away. Here are a few ideas

  • Make it: If you are proud of your cooking skills then this would be the perfect time for you to show it by cooking up some special dishes. Look the internet up for novel recipes.
  • Potluck party: Asking your guests to bring a little something for the party is a great of not worrying about what to cook and adding a lot of variety to the foods one can eat.
  • Order from a restaurant: This is a great option for a small party. A few large pizzas or party platters from your favorite restaurant are enough. Just make sure that you order beforehand for a timely delivery.
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