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How to Apply for Driving License to Cross Mainland China

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Driving your vehicle across the borders of Mainland China requires you to have a registered and valid license. The license needs to be registered in Hong Kong. This article will elaborate on the details about how to apply for a license and permits that are required by both the Hong Kong and the Guangdong Governments.

General Requirements

If you are driving your car from Hong Kong to China then you must make sure of the following

  • You car and the driver have approval
  • You have applied for a Mainland driving license
  • You have applied for an approval notice for your car and the driver from the Guangdong Public Security Bureau.
  • You have a closed road permit for the vehicle

Applying for Mainland Driving License

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If you have a valid full driving license of Hong Kong you are allowed to directly apply for a Mainland driving license from Guangdong Public Security Bureau.

Go to the licensing counter of a designated Vehicle control Office in Guangdong Province and apply in person.

Applying for Approval Notice

The Guangdong Public Security Bureau has certain requirements that you must meet in order to apply for the approval notice. Look them up and see if you are eligible.

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Applying for Closed Road Permit

Once you have obtained you Approval Notice you are eligible to apply for a closed road permit from the Transport Department in Hong Kong. To apply for a closed road permit

  • Submit a duly completed application form
  • Also add the supporting documents
  • Submit the form to the Cross Boundary Unit of the Transport Department.
  • The application requires 5 working days to be processed if you deliver it over the counter.
  • If it is delivered by post or through drop-in box then it will be processed within 3 working days once you application is received.

Required Documents

For an individual applicant of a private car

  • original fourth copy of valid Approval Notice issued by the Guangdong Public Security Bureau
  • copy of Hong Kong identity card
  • copy of valid Hong Kong vehicle registration document
  • copy of valid Hong Kong driving license
  • copy of Certificate of Approval for Establishment of Enterprises
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For a company applicant of a private car

  • copy of valid Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate
  • certified extract of Information on the Business Registrar issued by the Inland Revenue Department recently

For an overseas company not registered in Hong Kong

  • Certificate of Incorporation and its list if directors

Permit Fee

The permit fee needed for a closed road permit is HK$ 540 per year.

Access to Shenzen Bay Port

If you have the valid closed road permit then you are allowed to drive your car across the boundary via the specified control points on the permit. Shenzen Bay Port is the fourth vehicular boundary crossing.

Traffic Arrangements

  • Only vehicles that have a valid closed road permit are allowed to enter the Shenzen Bay Port Area apart from the taxis.
  • The port runs from 6.30 am to midnight thus you have to make sure to arrive there in time to complete all the arrival and departure procedures.
  • The area remains closed during inclement weather.

Insurance Coverage

Take note of the insurance arrangements for driving to the Hong Kong port area of Shenzen Bay Port.

Photo credit: Pixabay. License: CC0 Public Domain

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