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Hot HK Restaurants of 2016

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Hong Kong is a food paradise that will satisfy the cravings of any and every food lover. It is also the common ground for some of the best eating places that will serve you food whose taste you will savor for a long time. Here is a list of some hot HK restaurants of 2016.

  1. Mercedes Me
  • Named after one of the most famous car brands, Mercedes Me has a Mercedes F1 car parked for the wonderful feel.
  • The place is packed with customers at all hours, given the exclusive food prepared by Spanish chef Edgar Sanuy.
  • It is famous for its San Sebastian kokotxas, Catalan bikini sandwich of sobressada and mozzarella.
  1. Beefbar
  • The restaurant has a charming interior decoration and serves delectable beef.
  • Why Beefbar excels in its beef preparation is because the meats are broiled at extremely high temperatures and then char grilled.
  • It is also known for mashed potato and raw bar of sashimi.
  1. Le Garcon Saigon
  • You can get the best of Vietnamese cuisine in Le Garcon Saigon.
  • It has an elegant ambiance that attracts a lot of customers.
  • The exquisite desserts apart from the very famous banh xeo brings chorizo, bean sprouts and prawns wrapped in lettuce are a must have.
  1. Vea
  • The elegant interiors include over marble tabletops and bronze fittings.
  • Known for its French cuisine, Vea serves local seafood and matching cocktails with each course.
  • Do not miss out on the eight course tasting menu that changes weekly.
  1. The Ocean
  • Overlooking Repulse Bay on south side of Hong Kong Island, The Ocean has swept seafood lovers off their feet.
  • It offers a great view while serving some tasty mushroom tortellini and lobster bisque in inventive plates.
  1. Koko
  • The Japanese soccer legend, Hidetoshi Nakata is an owner in partnership of this beautiful restaurant.
  • Nakata’s very own N sake made from highest-grade Yamadanishki rice make for some great drinks.
  • Couple them with king crab with uni hotpotor rock shrimp tempura with wasabi peel.
  1. The Fat Pig
  • The Fat Pig celebrates serving the finest and tastiest pork to its customers.
  • Charcuterie to baked, roasted, barbecued, pulled, pickled whichever way you want your pork, you can have it.
  1. Viet Kitchen
  • Another hot restaurant serving Vietnamese cuisine is the Viet Kitchen that serves Chef Peter Franklin’s signature dish, grilled Kurobata chops glazed with fish sauce and pork jus.
  • Other highlights include manila clams served with lime butter sauce, basil and lemongrass.
  1. Tri
  • Treat yourself with the amazing Indonesian cuisine served at Tri.
  • The outdoor setting overlooking the beach adds to the eating experience.
  • Sambal Tempeh and beef short rib are a must have while dadar gulung which is the name given to cute little Balinese pancakes dominate the desserts.
  1. El Mercado
  • Enjoy the concoction of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine at El Mercado.
  • The exclusive lunch bento box serves mouthwatering ceviche, salad and sushi.
  • If you’re headed here for dinner, makes sure your stomach has room enough for the large plateful meals.
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