Thursday, May 19, 2022

SCMP Shuts Down HK Magazine

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HK Magazine, an English-language magazine distributed freely across the city, will be shut down, a spokesperson of the South China Morning Post Group confirmed.

In fact, its last issue will be released on October 7th, putting to a close a quarter of a century of publishing guides to locals and visitors to Hong Kong’s bars and restaurants, concerts and films, and the always interesting section called Inside HK which features interviews of people that matter to the city, a local vocabulary that’s meaningful to locals and answers to urban legends and Hong Kong questions often left unanswered.

The SCMP spokesperson said in a statement: The last issue of HK Magazine will be published on 7 Oct, 2016 while the operations of its website and social media platforms will cease in a few days afterward.”

“In the past few years, HK Magazine has been subjected to very challenging market conditions, which were especially dire for English-language lifestyle print media. Furthermore, the volatile advertising landscape, diminishing profitability from display advertising and event business further thwarted the magazine’s sustainability in the foreseeable future.”

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“We have initiated a company-wide search to find suitable positions for the HK Magazine team. We hope that their skill sets and experience will match the current openings in SCMP and our magazines. Thus, some will be redeployed internally but eventually around five staff members might leave the company.”

HK Magazine was launched in 1991, published weekly, and is commonly found in cafes and bars all around the territory. In 2013, it was acquired by the SCMP.

With the apparent demise of HK Magazine, we wonder if there are takers of the void it will leave behind.

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